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April 1, 2010

As It Is
Thursday. I was late posting yesterday's entry as I nodded off to sleep last night fairly early feeling a bit skitterish. Another episode of what I've been calling an hallucinogenic episode? Could have been, although I wouldn't swear to it. Maybe too much walking, maybe too much fried rice (I ate the whole damned thing over the course of the afternoon and evening), maybe I just need to catch up on my sleep. In any case I got to sleep early and got up late, no complaints. It's just, wherever my head was yesterday afternoon, it was in no place for writing.

Another result of that, of course, was I didn't get around to posting any links to the pictures I took on Telegraph. I plan to work on an artandlife page today and post them under the sorely neglected Berkeley Telegraph Avenue section. Whether that's today or not, I don't know, as I have that cocktail (or wine or root beer, I'm not sure) hour to go to before seeing the Wavy Gravy documentary-movie Saint Misbehavin. I've talked about it before having met Wavy and his wife at the old Rip Off Press parties. Not someone I know at all, but have met him and his wife more than a few times in the past and, as many, have followed his career here in the Bay Area with interest and appreciation. So the evening is pretty much spoken for.

I talked about Jim Hansen's book yesterday, a book I've been reading on the Kindle. I don't think anyone believes the date I used, 2010, will see anything happening to the degree of what will be coming in the century following, but I suspect we'll have seen, by then, two things: one, weather related events that will make most people understand that global warming is real and that we have a very serious problem coming; and, two, we're probably too late by then to do anything about it. When it does happen, it will happen very quickly (the destruction of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are the big factor) and whoever is around in 2010 will watch with some horror. Hansen says there are things we can do in the near term to avoid it, but I have no confidence anyone will act in anything close to time frame required to stop it. Interesting, this life. Don't you think?

So, up later by about an hour, late by my clock to breakfast to read the papers by about an hour, home now typing away at the computer. Lots of clouds with the sun poking through at the moment. It was raining as I dozed off, may have been raining through most of the night, but none as I drove to and from breakfast this morning. I'll get out later, get in my walk, but otherwise I'll work on this and futz with those Telegraph Avenue pictures. Sounds good, the head in a bit of a mess, but no more of a mess than the norm and I'm looking forward to making progress.

Later. Well, the body is willing, but the mind wants a long nap. No impetus to go outside for a walk, although I did go to the local (now Wells Fargo) ATM for the first time to make a deposit. Wells let me know I didn't qualify for a credit card and turned me down flat with a form letter yesterday. I've had a BofA card for the last twelve years with a large credit limit, still get American Express and Chase solicitations, but that gives me a clear idea of how the financial market has changed since the crash. We'll see. I can live without a credit card, I do pay it off every month, haven't carried a balance in twenty years, but they come in handy when you're sitting at the computer looking at some got to have item and there's little or no cash in your checking account.

Still, a walk by the construction crew digging up Grand, a walk by the park across from the Grand Lake theater, taking a quick photo when I saw the guy laid out under the sun taking a nap. A walk back to the same park to sit for a bit after getting a Gelato across the street, briefly noting a big three hundred pound guy sitting on the bus stop shelter bench. You can see the shelter and the bench he was sitting on in the photograph, the bench in the foreground next to the chair in which I was sitting. He got up, walked by me muttering he couldn't handle having someone sitting behind him and took a seat in the park some fifty yards farther on.

He was in his thirties, I'd guess, no vibes he was violent, but an odd occurrence. You never know. Best he was older, though, the scary ones are the kids who have yet to learn to handle themselves out in the wider world where they'll take a swipe or a shot if they think they're being humiliated in front of strangers. Or they like the looks of your camera. Just an observation, I felt fine for whatever happened and walked along myself soon thereafter. And yes, of course, I took the picture after he'd left. I'm not sure he even noticed the camera.

So, walking, tired for what short distances I've done. I ducked into a café beside Gold's Gym and had a raisin cookie. The place was full, without being crowded, with everyone hunched over laptops, a not uncommon sight for cafés in the neighborhood. My own morning café doesn't attract people with laptops, although you'll find one or two in the afternoons. It has WiFi, but maybe not all that many electrical outlets. There's a fairly wide age range at my café, it isn't a hangout for old farts, but the customers tend to be couples who talk or small groups of men or women who talk, or people like me, who sit and read the papers.

Not sure what that means. I have a laptop, of course, and more computers than any sane person needs, being an ex-techie. An observation without any idea why some cafés are full of youngsters on laptops and others, even though they attract younger customers, don't. I'd say weird, but it probably isn't. I myself spend too much time online as it is.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland City Center with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at f 9 at 1/400th second, ISO 200.