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April 4, 2010

Religion Business
Easter Sunday. Another year and no basket. Probably something really horrible I did to tick off the gods and I can't even remember what it was. Not good to be on the wrong side of the Easter Bunny, I'm thinking.

The light fever last night driving me to bed early, but unable at that early hour to go to sleep. So, get up for a bit, turn on the heat, check the web, take a look at the few television stations I choose to watch, none of them with anything of interest, this being the weekend. OK, I used to watch a samurai series on Channel 26, but you can only watch so many cookie cutter samurai series before you give up. Historic dramas, all of them, alliances that lead to war, wars that lead to alliances. Too much like today.

You did find the beginnings of a Japanese drama about newspaper people that looked interesting, that one short segment you watched where the newspaper editor was fighting with his local news distribution group, most of whom seemed to be more like Yakusa than paper boys. You're big on newspaper dramas, an American newspaper movie almost made you decide to go to journalism school in the late fifties.

Well, as I said, I tend to enter these things the way I enter the ocean: a toe and then another toe; up to the knees and then the thighs; total emersion sometimes taking an hour. Or in the case of Japanese and Korean television dramas, weeks. It did catch my attention starting, as it did, with the web presses running, another day's edition heading for the trucks. When I wrote my humor column for the University paper I'd often do the same, go down to the campus printing plant after closing and watch it come off the press. Heady stuff.

You should have been a reporter you think?

Probably not, but the thought does occur. Not useful to look back.

Up this morning, both eyes gooey, cleaning up readily enough. A cough, a slight fever, a bath to see if that might not straighten things out. They're saying lots of rain today through tomorrow before the sun returns to finish the week. Best to stay inside on a rainy day, particularly when you're sick. It's not a wasted day, staying inside. One of the things you do though with a “light” fever, you babble on like an idiot.

To breakfast and back at nine. I wasn't sure my café might not be opening an hour later this morning on Easter, they do that for some holidays, but I'd already slept in for an extra hour, nothing to worry about. Comforting thing to know: even in your dingy state, finding it hard to focus, as long as you can get there, you're not going to be turned away at the door. A blueberry waffle with a sliced banana on top and coffee. I'm thinking of making it my every day breakfast with the occasional eggs, potatoes and such thrown in once or twice a week. Everyone goes P.C. eventually, I guess, with all that diet crap around.

Later. Three hours later. A nap in the sense I lay down and listened to the radio curled up under the covers, toasty, dozing off without dozing off, the head in a sleepy comfortable state without much if any chance of sleep. This is good, the cold symptoms no worse, if this is as bad as it gets it will go away soon and life will be swell. But the day is decided. The head is clear enough to do this and that on the web, to do this and that around the apartment. We are again talking a slight fever, some, but not much, congestion in the lungs and an eye (the left eye now, the right eye seems to be better) leaking a little as eyes will sometimes do.

So, a good Easter, a good Sunday, the cold symptoms aside. Best to give thanks, if this is as bad as it's going to be with our fingers crossed. We'll have a bit of Raisin Bran for Easter dinner and, although that sounds a bit more than down, I'm in a good mood and looking forward to it.

So, happy Easter all, happy Quing Ming, Passover and a whole bunch of others I in my ignorance know nothing about. Not much happening in the way of Muslim holidays this week or Nordic holidays (in my family's line) either, from what I can glean from the web, but I'm sure there are many other faiths, beliefs and “do unto others” attitudes that are being used to gorge on whatever it is you're allow to gorge on this good Sunday. Or something like that.

Religion is one of those touchy areas you don't want to be making statements about when your own stock of knowledge is so deficient - talking about the Pope and all that - so I'll stop now before my concerns become self fulfilling prophesies as they have so often done in the past.

Are you really so dumb when it comes to this religion business?

Well, I misspelled “prophesies” until the spell check corrected it.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2010 St. Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens at f 5.6 at 1/800th second, ISO 200.