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April 25, 2010

Too Much Information
Sunday. Still the aching knee, but it's clearly, albeit slowly, getting better. A little faster on the walk, a little easier to get it into the car, more comfortable sleeping last night. Just little things, but all of them together show we're heading in the right direction. Which means to say we're not going out on any ambitious walks today, but we're looking forward to something along those lines sooner now than later.

Those slip on Merrell shoes I ordered some two months ago, the ones that didn't quite fit, were a half size too small? They've opened up and have been reasonably comfortable these last weeks. I no longer think how far I might be walking, I just put them on. The two much older pair I bought at the right size are probably too big after wearing them for years, big but comfortable. So this smaller pair is now just fine, thank you. My next pair will be the right size, we've learned our lesson, stupidity should after all not be encouraged. Embarrassing? Frustrating? Let me tell you.

I missed shooting the fire dancers last night, knew I would. No way the knee would have let me unless I just steeled myself and set out. No need to steel one's self and set out unless something really important is hanging in the balance and fire dancing, shooting with a bunch of other photographers, doesn't make the mark. So to bed early last night, up before seven this morning, breakfast and the papers at the usual place, home now with the sun getting ready for what looks to be a nice California spring performance.

Are we finished now with this hup! hup! hup!? Where's the horoscope pointing to good things ahead? How many push ups did we do this morning? How ‘bout those A’s?

Nothing wrong in generating a little steam when it's for good purpose. We're not making this up. We are in a good mood, the shoes do fit, not because we've sold ourself on the proposition, but because we're telling the truth. Could use more progress on the knee, a no brainer there, but a little hup! hup! in moderation doesn't hurt. Oh, and:

Pisces (February 18 - March 19): Crazed Mercury hops up and down in your communications house shrieking: "Talk to people! Talk!" The invitation's out to phone, fax, e-mail your little heart out in the days and weeks ahead. Just remember to say what you mean and mean what you say. Tend to the business at hand, because Wednesday's full moon threatens to be a trip in more ways than one.

Later. Listened to some of the old songs on the iPod played through the Bose iPod speaker system. Scribbled a list of what I consider my top ten groups of all time, individuals and bands, all of them active in the sixties and seventies. Don't do this very often so it seemed worth noting, one of those flickering signs of interest. We're looking for signs of interest. A step better, I guess, than looking for signs of life.

I do play the old music through the CD player in my car and I do listen on occasion to the stuff on the small XM portable car radio hooked up to the now ancient stereo system in my living room, but not all that often. Brings back old memories, some good, some sad. We're not altogether up for sad as we grow older.

The knee is up and down. I drove over to the café around two, had a cup of coffee and a small bowl of fruit just to get out of the house without putting any real strain on the knee by walking. Sneaked a picture as I was sitting at a table experimenting with something Nikon calls Active D-Lighting.

I've experimented with it before, shot the same picture with and without (as I did this afternoon) and haven't been able to figure out if it really has an effect. Maybe I'll read the manual later, see what it says. There's something I'm missing or they wouldn't hype it in the reviews so often. Reading the manual seems rather extreme, though, for this photographer.

Sherri asks in yesterday's comments if I have a brace for the knee. I've never used a brace, have no experience to know when I might need one. I'm pretty damned careful about how I bend the leg, move the knee, but if this isn't quite a bit better in another couple of days I'll talk with the doctor. I guess my thought has been how much damage can you do to a knee when whatever it was that caused it didn't register enough to remember? Many things from the feel of it. Too much information.

The photograph was taken of some of the usual suspects by Lake Merritt with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with an 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor DX VR lens at f 5.6 at 1/125th second, ISO 100.