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April 2, 2013

Never An Error
Tuesday To bed early last night before nine, awakening not once until just before the alarm was due to sound, so I think we clocked a good night's sleep. If that means anything.

Anyway, up and out the door to breakfast and back on a thoroughly overcast morning, but without any rain. Still overcast mid morning now after continuing to work on the photographs and to notice where I've made a beginner's mistake (as opposed to the more advanced mistakes). Shutter speed too slow on the camera with the 24-70mm lens, fast enough in the sun, but too slow and a bit blurred with movement in the shade. Embarrassing more than anything. Well, other than the damage to the photographs.

I need to go by the local mail shop and buy envelopes (must, must, must!) to mail a health insurance payment to get it in on time. Mustn't procrastinate, no excuses, there's money in the bank, but it's easy to do, easy to, um, rationalize.

More hup, hups? A sign you're worried you're not going to get it done?

Yeah, I need to get it done. A change in their billing from one vendor to another, important not to be late, although I have until the end of the week. Today. We'll do it this morning. Hup!

Later. A walk to the ATM, the slight odd double vision in play, but clearing in about fifteen minutes. Same thing yesterday. Without any of the other symptoms it doesn't really get in the way or cause consternation, more interesting than disturbing. The various eye doctors have always asked if it happens in the light. Well, sunny out there - blink! blink! - there must be a reason they ask the question.

Yes, we bought the needed envelope, laid in a decent supply, home now, the check written, the envelope stamped and addressed. A stop by the greeting card shop across from the ATM for a birthday card for my aunt. I'd missed the head's up on her (101st!) birthday as I finally found I hadn't configured one of my email accounts correctly (the one I use here at the journal) and so I haven't been receiving any of its mail. Only those who use the old address have a problem,, but embarrassing for the (old) techie. Anyway, a late birthday card in the mail tomorrow.

Later still. A walk to lunch, half a tuna fish sandwich, ice cream and lemonade, a walk back to the apartment to finish the web pages for the Saint Stupid's Day Parade. Takes time, it does, but now to catch up on guitar and otherwise take it easy.

I downloaded the new firmware upgrade for the Nikon D4 and installed it after I read a comment on Facebook from another photographer who mentioned how radically it corrected the auto white balance. Indoor pictures have always tended to need color correction, they always have on the Nikon cameras I've been using, but the difference after installing this thing was like night and day. I took a picture here inside the apartment and there was no need to compare it to earlier pictures. No adjustments required. Not sure what happened here, but terming it a “radical” improvement is not an overstatement.

Evening. Started on the Maigret at six and soon discovered I'd seen it before, no idea who'd done it or why, although I remembered many of the scenes as the evolved. Checked into another Korean pot boiler as I futzed with the guitar figuring, well, maybe watch this thing and then head to bed early. Sleep is almost never an error.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.