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April 13, 2013

Indeed The Question
Saturday. To bed early enough, but fidgety, up again to turn on the computer and do the usual web stuff, not sure why, but to bed then finally at eleven. Not good, not sure why it was necessary. Up with the alarm. Yes I got up once in the middle of the night, more a product of drinking liquids in the afternoon and early evening than anything else. I suspect. We do break our rules but understand there may well be consequences, but rationalize it, understanding we won't have to face them until tomorrow. So not enough sleep, although a nap right now would that care of that.

A trip by the supermarket on the way back from breakfast to reload the larder. I was out of everything. I was careful, though. No stocking up on things I tend to eat one after another until they're gone (like those little yogurt containers), we're still after those unwelcome three pounds, still keeping track of the foods on the ocular migraine list. There's a tendency to forget, figure it's OK by now, nothing's happened for a while, it's probably straightened itself out so why not buy, say, crackers and sharp cheddar? The culprit itself. Well, there are reasons, and I'm not ready to lapse quite yet.

You did have that whiskey last night.

Two shots. I'm wondering about the not getting to bed until eleven, whether they had something to do with it. It's supposed to put you to sleep, right? Written in big letters in a book?

The first day of the two weekend Cherry Blossom Festival is kicking off in San Francisco's Japantown today, we'll get in our nap and then head over to the city. Hup. One day you won't consider poking your nose out the door and the next you're headed for a well known American city on a train without a second thought. But after a nap.

Later. A nap. Actually a bath before the nap, taking my time before trying to sleep, up now that it's noon thinking of ways not to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival. I'm not looking forward to a bus, BART and then a bus again to Japantown packing two cameras to take pictures for an hour. Or two. We haven't given in yet, but the issue is in doubt.

And the day is otherwise?

Positively beautiful. Warm and bright. We'll stick our head outside and see if it doesn't clear the head and heal the spirit.

Later still. No turmoil anymore about staying here in Oakland after the walk to the ATM and then back around by the farmers market to the morning cafe for lunch, a half tuna fish sandwich (that I couldn't quite finish), ice cream and lemonade. The sinuses are acting up, the teeth and upper palate are aching more than they have in a very long time. They say it's allergy season. Are these symptoms the result of pollen? Hmm. A new one on me. The allergies they talked about had to do with my poor cat and the symptoms were settled in the lungs. So we blow the sinus crippled nose and make up reasons why.

Anyway, home, a double dose of the pain meds and time now in bed spent reading two magazines that arrived in the mail, up finally planning on taking it easy. Let's hope this day doesn't sneak itself into tomorrow. Odd day, today, not that I haven't had them before, but hardly common, not something I'd like to see become a routine.

And if they do become routine?

We'll learn to shoot pictures with aching sinuses and a runny nose and then, if it continues, move to the desert. I think that's what people do: they move to the desert. The high desert. Nothing with summers that bake under a hundred and twenty degree sun.

Do you know what you're talking about?

No, but we'll learn if we have to, do our homework if this continues. No need right now.

Evening. More prints. Good. We're getting close to finished (with the first pass). I say that - first pass - because I believe I can now do them better. Fifty large prints to learn a trick or two that can be applied to the next run through. Better now than later.

I'd seen the Swedish private detective program at six, didn't need to see it again. Watched the running on the weekends Korean tear jerker for a while (it has its up and downs - I'm still not clear how Koreans get close enough to one another to have children) and then remembered this was Saturday night and turned to House in the middle of the first of four chapters that run on Saturday nights until ten. I keep forgetting about House, but now find I'm hooked, although it's still a battle. Talk about dysfunctional.

In that the characters are dysfunctional or you're dysfunctional for following?

That is indeed the question.

The photo up top was taken yesterday while waiting on my guitar lesson to start with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.