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April 20, 2013

Causing Lasting Damage
Saturday. I did indeed get to bed not long after nine and seem to have gotten a decent night's sleep. A good breakfast on a clear and sunny day, my dental appointment coming up now at nine. Then the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco for the rest of the day unless I decide to photograph an appearance by my guitar instructor's band later this evening in downtown Oakland. I suspect I'll crap out on the band. In that I will probably be reliable.

You never know.

We'll know by the first set around nine.

Later. My dental hygienist, who is nature's perfect dental hygienist, suggested my mouth was too dry, something that comes from taking prescription drugs and turning forty, and that I should consider a mouth wash. Hmm. I do talk about “dry mouth” in conjunction with some of the other less happy symptoms associated with the ocular migraines. ACT, she suggested. As she is nature's perfect dental hygienist, I naturally took her at her word and will pick up a bottle of this ACT stuff when I pick up a prescription refill at the pharmacy.

Back now at ten. A nap, I think, before we head over to the Cherry Blossom Festival. I want those pictures and travelling can be wearing.

Later still. Tired. Long afternoon. I went through the usual “do I really want to do this” conversation before heading out the door, but that stopped completely when I hit fresh air. A bus and then BART to catch another bus only to find the construction work they're doing on the new subway extension to Chinatown was, well, to put it nicely, holding things up. Thirty minutes to travel four blocks. Fifty minutes to reach the festival. It was a marginally better experience than one might imagine.

Still, a good day's shooting. I didn't have lunch at the Korean restaurant, went for frozen yogurt at a stall inside one of the buildings instead and got, well, it turns out when I reviewed them later, exactly the number of pictures I needed to fill that section I'd started with the photographs from last weekend. Which is barely good, but good enough.

Evening. Finished the photographs. Indeed, exactly the number required to complete the section. Actually, I'd have liked one or two more to replace one or two questionable picks, but no complaints. Tomorrow they run the parade and I'll photograph it as it's forming up and all this Cherry Blossoms business will be behind us.

Yes, I've been sitting here finishing the photographs and watching (listening to) the four in a row Saturday night House episodes. I have this strange hunch, watching (hearing) the interminable number of television ads it comes packaged with, is messing with my brain and causing lasting damage.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Grand with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.