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Here In Oakland

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April 18, 2017

Work Out

Tuesday. To bed early, lights out early, awake too early at five, but not, I guess, unexpectedly. It had indeed been raining last night, although I couldn't quite tell if it was raining right then at the moment and so, of course, opted to drive. Took my time getting up and getting ready, listened to the radio turned down low so as not to filter through to the apartment above or the one to the side. I'm careful about that, and nobody's complained, but you never know.

A misty rain on the way to breakfast, had the plain waffle with sliced strawberries and bananas, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, another pound lighter on the scale this morning. The breakfast choice had nothing to do with the weight, it was what appealed, and I've been experimenting enough with cured meats and such recently to give them a rest. No ocular anythings from any of it I can identify, but some suspicious tired/funky periods I'd like to be able to blame.


If not them, then it becomes an unresolvable part of the life. No pills or diets or walks around the lake can be used to make them go away.

Anyway, a good breakfast, no East Bay Times, of course, but spent plenty of time over the two remaining papers and then drove home to start the laundry. Didn't want to do the laundry, but it's Tuesday, the usual day, and I'm running low on jockey shorts. Just did the deed, slipped it in before I could talk myself out of it and stop.

Later. The laundry was completed easily enough and so I talked myself into catching a bus downtown just after noon, thinking I'd go to Jack London Square, more because I haven't been there in a while rather than anything else. That idea evaporated when we reached the City Center and so got off the bus, walked over to the convenience store in the City Center and bought a box of Good & Plenty. Jut like that. Haven't had any Good & Plenty in a while, not since those four large boxes I bought at Walgreens and then consumed them more quickly than any sensible person should. These tasted good.

OK, checked the watch, saw a bus was due and returned to the apartment, getting off one stop farther on to see how the people gutting the building were doing after seeing them busy this morning and to take a follow-up picture now. Walking back to the apartment I kept on to take a picture of the back of the building on a hunch they were starting something there. More grass being cut. Progress?

Nice sunny afternoon though. Bundled up, sweater and winter coat and that worked out, but now in the mid-afternoon it's warmer still. They're saying rain again tonight, but the cloud cover cleared this morning and it's been clear well into the afternoon.

Yesterday the eyes had been focusing with effort and I was thinking maybe I needed to have the eyes checked, upgrade the reading glasses. Not just difficult focusing in the distance outside, but sitting at the computer, having to work at reading the screen. Today, all day, it hasn't been a problem. The outdoors were unusually crisp and unwavering, the computer screen a breeze to read. This has been happening on and off now for years, some days on and more days off, but more noticeable yesterday and lasting throughout the entire day.

Evening. Nothing on television and so got involved in a couple of things on the tablet. Felt the need to delay lights out and avoid awakening too early again, but who knows how that will work out.

The photo up top was taken at this year's Oakland Marathon with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.