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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


April 21, 2017


Friday. Lights out last night after nine and then, for the first time in a long time, not able to get to sleep, getting up more than once until it was after one, going on two, awakening finally at just after six.

OK, up and out the door. Awakening just after six was, at least, on our target. The East Bay Times arrived later than the other two papers, but it did arrive before I was out the door. A note on its front page saying they'd had a press failure yesterday that had caused them to miss their home deliveries and so they'd included that paper with this morning's delivery. And there it was in the plastic bag.

Clear skies, a decent walk to breakfast to have the Eggs Benedict, country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee, a walk back to the apartment snapping one or two pictures, by finally starting to feel more than a little tired. No trash container or activity when passing the building behind which they're planning to build not far from my apartment.

Edited yesterday's entry, wrinkling my nose - yes, yes, embarrassingly dumb - to post it and then lie down. Didn't get to sleep, but a comfortable hour floating through clouds. Feel better.

Later. A walk to the burger drive-in to pick up a grilled cheese sandwich, making sure it was a grilled cheese sandwich this time. So the afternoon has been grilled cheese and Law & Order episodes along with the usual news programs with another hour of lying down in that comfortable fog. I'd seen all the Law & Order episodes before, but again, it didn't seem to make a difference, no matter how much I remembered of the plot.

The March for Science tomorrow in San Francisco starts at 11:00 at the Embarcadero and so tomorrow is covered. The march ends up at the City Hall where there's an Earth Day festival planned, so maybe I'll get in a two-fer. And then, maybe again, I'll shoot the forming up of the March, split and skip City Hall altogether. One is tends to be more than enough these days, but then you never quite know.

Evening. Watched with interest the Democracy Now! interview with Glenn Greenwald on the Julian Assange arrest warrant the Attorney General is preparing and how that will impact freedom of the press. Some fights never end. Everyone has their own personal set of hot buttons and the battles over press freedom is one of mine.

Watched Charlie Rose and a discussion of the French election coming up this Sunday, an election I'll follow. An further example of these interesting times. I stayed for the second interview with Steve Ballmer, ex-Microsoft CEO, after reading of his government expenditure tracking project that combines, slices and dices expenditures at all levels: local, state and national. How much is going to where? Something that at least at first glance seems useful.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Stupid's Day Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.