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Here In Oakland

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April 28, 2017


Friday. Another decent night's sleep, awake at seven minutes to six to catch the KPFA five minute news and then the first fifteen minutes of Democracy Now! as I was getting ready to walk to breakfast. No sign again of the East Bay Times, but I was running early and didn't expect to see it as I was leaving the building. No need to get upset over stuff not in your control. Or some similar piece of nonsense.

A soon to be sunny day, lighter and lighter in the mornings now as we approach summer. You forget what it's like to have the sun late and early and it's an ever pleasant surprise setting out in the mornings.

Scrambled eggs, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. Didn't drink all that much coffee for some reason. Took my time with the papers before heading home, taking two or three (or four) pictures.

Posted yesterday's entry, caught some glitches and fixed them and posted it again. And again. Small but irritating errors, errors of a kind I don't remember making when younger. The brain does wind down, I guess. Might as well just enjoy it. Well, not worry too much about it.

You sure?

They can't come back and bite you if you never find them.

Later. Most of the recent press had been editorializing on Trump's first 100 days in office and I've read and listened to my share, mentally noting how far the media outlets I follow are willing to go in describing this president. Some of the more liberal ones have been coming down way harder than in their editorializing on past presidents, which you'd expect, but many of what I considered staid, main stream publications and outlets have been every bit as hard. I should probably be more concerned, but I'm pretty concerned already.

All of which means in the scheme of things?

Maybe best not to listen to or read the press. If the bombs are going to fall, they're going to fall, best not to worry about it. Just demonstrate and take pictures.

Nothing on television. I've seen all of the Law & Order episodes they've been running this afternoon and so skipped most of them, going through half a dozen recent magazines instead, one, The New Yorker, responsible for the 100 days comments. I wouldn't call their take “over the top”, but accurate. That's the scary part.

Another first. Headed over to the lake, thinking I'd pick up a grilled cheese sandwich to bring back home for lunch. Discovered, when I got to the lake, I'd forgotten to bring my wallet. A first: forgetting the wallet. They seem to happen when I don't follow the steps, one after another, in the task at hand. Heading outside almost always begins in taking a series of steps that I've now repeated over and over for years and so don't need to think about the individual steps that make up the task I'm performing. Unless I take them out of order.

Today I headed out the door, but did so after breaking off in the middle of another unrelated task and so the usual sequence of steps I take to head out the door were interrupted and I ended up skipping going, as usual, to the bedroom dresser to pick up the wallet, the brain running on automatic. If that makes any sense.

Later still. Oakland's Climate March is scheduled to form up at the Lake Merritt pergola at eleven tomorrow and so we'll be there in the morning. No need to take a bus or a train. I hope there's a really big turnout, not for the pictures, but for the message.

The end of month Amazon deliveries of the various noodles in a cup I generally make do for lunch arrived today and I substituted a cup of black bean and lime soup for the grilled cheese sandwich. No complaints. I like their black bean and lime soup, having tested it last month and then ordering more, quite a bit more, that arrived today.

You're sure that's actual food?

Sometimes. I do.

Evening. Watched the rest of this morning's Democracy Now! to catch what more they had to say about tomorrow's march. They'll be broadcasting for five hours tomorrow from the march in Washington D.C..

Waded through an episode of The Brokenwood Mysteries, catching about half of the plot as I was fighting to understand their Australian accents (I'm assuming it was Australian) and then bailed at nine-thirty. Long day. A long day, but for today, I'd say, somehow the longer the better.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the San Francisco March For Science with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.