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  April 1999 Archive

April 29th - Poor Phil
April 28th - This Time Exposure Stuff
April 27th - Miss Her Photographs
April 26th - I've Got A Pulse
April 25th - When I'm Sleeping
April 24th - Yes Indeed
April 23rd - Need The Pictures
April 22nd - On The Patio
April 21st - Good Night's Sleep
April 20th - How To Answer
April 19th - Back On The Street
April 18th - Hard On The Edges
April 17th - Time For Nap #99
April 16th - Out Between Naps
April 15th - And Nekkid Wimmen
April 13th - Too Many People Around
April 12th - After Some Sleep
April 10th - Happy To Be Home
April   5th - Maybe I Won't
April   3rd - The Beans Are Counted
April  2nd - Have Another Drink
April  1st - Good For A Cold?

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