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  August 2000 Archive

Aug 31st  - Bring The Cameras
Aug 28th  - Not the Fifties. (Please?)
Aug 25th  - Don't Ask
Aug 24th  - Here In The Journal
Aug 22nd  - Do Better
Aug 21st  - Bouncing Nikons
Aug 19th  - For What You Wish
Aug 17th  - And Sweet
Aug 16th  - Fur Barn In The Evening
Aug 15th  - Day After
Aug 11th  - Off And Eat Them
Aug 10th  - How This Is Playing
Aug   8th  - For One Afternoon
Aug   6th  - In The Refrigerator
Aug   5th  - So, Anyway
Aug   4th  - Wine, Mama
Aug   3rd  - Goodbye To On Display
Aug   1st  - Like A Vegetarian Pizza

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