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  August 2003 Archive

Aug  31st - Click!
Aug  30th - Kissers Beware
Aug  29th - Time and Tide
Aug  27th - Even My Teens
Aug  26th - When Are They Not?
Aug  23rd - Were You?
Aug 22nd - Before Night Falls
Aug  21st - Such Is Life, I Guess
Aug  20th - Tuna Fish Sandwiches
Aug  18th - Good, Bad; Happy, Sad
Aug  17th - Now It's Evening
Aug  16th - On My Counter?
Aug  15th - It Goes Tomorrow
Aug  13th - I'm Worried Myself
Aug  12th - You Never Know
Aug  10th - Artistically,  Aromatically
Aug    9th - Day Again Amazing
Aug    8th - What Might Happen
Aug    7th - Are Killing Me

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