August Archive

Aug    1st - Cows To Congress
Aug   2nd - Any Chickens Yet
Aug    3rd - As Do I
Aug    4th - To Shoot Crowds
Aug    5th - Like A Bug
Aug    6th - If It Matters
Aug    7th - Worries Like Those
Aug    8th - Or Eight
Aug    9th - Still Light, Maybe
Aug  10th - I Know
Aug  11th - Worth The Trip(ping)
Aug  12th - Stuff To Shoot
Aug  13th - Fair Enough
Aug  14th - I Did Today
Aug  15th - Not Sure Why
Aug  16th - We Can Hold Out
Aug  17th - That Many Dollars
Aug  18th - We Are Careful
Aug  19th - Next Time I'm Out
Aug  20th - For The Morrow
Aug  21st - Numb And Dumb
Aug 22nd - Needs To Be
Aug  23rd - Practice Is Done
Aug  24th - I Have No Idea
Aug  25th - Go Figure
Aug  26th - Get Some Distance
Aug  27th - Procrastination Ponds
Aug  28th - On Sushi And Sake
Aug  29th - Rest Of My Life
Aug  30th - Maybe
Aug  31st - Go To Bed

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