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  December 2000 Archive

Dec 31st - Zen Lesson #2,489
Dec 30th - It Will Work Out
Dec 29th - Troublesome Not
Dec 28th - Going To Be Swell
Dec 26th - The Afternoon Off
Dec 25th - And Intriguing
Dec 24th - You Too Wuss
Dec 23rd - Time Enough
Dec 22nd - What The Morning Brings
Dec 19th - Money and Drugs
Dec 16th - Fun To Write
Dec 15th - I Hope Someone Asks
Dec 13th - Onward, Through The Fog
Dec 12th - Back At The Ranch
Dec 10th - Stages of Life
Dec   9th - With Epson, In Oakland
Dec   8th - A Toy For The Boy
Dec   7th - Smoking Was Allowed
Dec   4th - Read A Little Better
Dec  2nd - $99.00, Tax Included

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