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  January 2000 Archive

Jan 31st  - Get The Shot
Jan 30th  - Hissyfit
Jan 27th  - Hopelessly Americanized
Jan 25th  - Through The Viewfinder
Jan 24th  - With My Apologies
Jan 23rd  - Mumble, Mumble
Jan 22th  - Big Type Libraries
Jan 20th  - Fromage!
Jan 19th  - The Rickety Copy Kid
Jan 17th  - Thanks. Really.
Jan 16th  - I Feel (Relatively) Free
Jan 15th  - Quiet Day in Oakland
Jan 13th  - Moan
Jan 12th  - Did Me Or Didn't Me?
Jan 11th  - That Last Part
Jan   9th  - The Flu, Perhaps
Jan   6th  - Not A Wrinkle Left
Jan   5th  - Numbers? Numbers?
Jan   4th  - Thoughts Are Optional
Jan   3rd  - The Ducks
Jan   2nd - Time To Go Home
Jan   1st  - Always

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