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  January 1999 Archive

Jan  31st - Read It Right Now
Jan  30th - When You Tie Your Shoes?
Jan  29th - What's It About?
Jan  28th - Anodized Black
Jan  27th - A Ding - Ding - Ding
Jan  26th - I Think I'm Done
Jan  25th - And Write On
Jan  24th - Just Stop
Jan  22nd - Why Yes, I Do
Jan  21st - Pac Bell Didn't Tell
Jan  20th - Did Me or Did Me Not?
Jan  19th - Maybe Shave the Mustache
Jan  18th - Maybe They're Mirrors
Jan  17th - There's Still a Flicker Left
Jan  16th - A Seattle Rain
Jan  15th - Blooper to Center: On Base
Jan  14th - And Go To Bed
Jan  13th - It Makes Me Wonder
Jan  12th - A First Spark?
Jan  11th - The Yellow Snow
Jan  10th - The Shadow Knows
Jan    9th - Poking Around On The Bus
Jan    8th - The Good News Is....
Jan    6th - Running On Empty
Jan    5th - More Photography, I'm Afraid
Jan    4th - Some Shooting in the Streets
Jan    3rd - Star Wreck:
Jan    2nd - I'm in the Computer Now!
Jan    1st - OK, I'll Go For It: New....

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