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  July 2008 Archive

Jul  31st - Idiot Within
Jul  30th - Just Stop
Jul  29th - Better Than Good
Jul  28th - Pill and Chill
Jul  27th - He Said That?
Jul  26th - Many Do, Many Don't
Jul  25th - Dreaming A Life
Jul  24th - In The Fast Lane
Jul  23rd - Keep It Real
Jul 22nd - Hoo Ha Indeed!
Jul  21st - I Don't Understand
Jul  20th - Strange Thoughts
Jul  19th - For An Old Man
Jul  18th - She's Pissed
Jul  17th - Old To Learn
Jul  16th - Seems Clear
Jul  15th - Below The Line
Jul  14th - Quite A Trip
Jul  13th - After A Nap
Jul  12th - That And A Cat
Jul  11th - Lucid Again
Jul  10th - Sobering Thought
Jul    9th - Guy In Charge
Jul    8th - Lightening Strike
Jul    7th - These Days
Jul    6th - I Would Think So
Jul    5th - A Ticket To Ride
Jul    4th - One Might Think
Jul    3rd - Me The Most
Jul   2nd - Leave It At Good
Jul    1st - The Obvious

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