July Archive

Jul    1st - Screw It Up
Jul   2nd - Making Progress
Jul    3rd - To Bed At Ten
Jul    4th - Such Is Life
Jul    5th - Very Long Time
Jul    6th - To The Wind
Jul    7th - Short List
Jul    8th - Play The Guitar
Jul    9th - Really Arrived
Jul  10th - Close To Eight
Jul  11th - If I'll Listen
Jul  12th - Bed By Eleven
Jul  13th - Without Thinking
Jul  14th - Saturday Evening
Jul  15th - Later This Week
Jul  16th - We Get Closer
Jul  17th - The Real List
Jul  18th - Then To Bed
Jul  19th - Home In One Piece
Jul  20th - Must Be Hallucinating
Jul  21st - Don't You Think?
Jul 22nd - Nap To Be Nicer
Jul  23rd - Picking Up
Jul  24th - Need To Push
Jul  25th - I Think
Jul  26th - Such Is Life
Jul  27th - I'm Due
Jul  28th - Clunky Tomorrow
Jul  29th - Bring It On
Jul  30th - Rather Than Three
Jul  31st - Exciting Stuff

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