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  June 1999 Archive

June 30th - At 21, You're History
June 29th - Makes Me Upset
June 28th - The Ladies Wore Leather
June 27th - Dykes On Bikes
June 26th - A Secondary Concern
June 25th - She Was In College
June 24th - Right Fred?
June 23rd - Pain In The Leg
June 22nd - SETI At Home
June 21st - Sleeping, Sleeping, Sleeping
June 20th - Never Figured It Out
June 19th - Who Learns From It
June 18th - While I Take A Nap
June 17th - Writing Nonsense
June 16th - The Two Go Together
June 15th - I'll Take A Week
June 14th - And The Dark Of Night
June 13th - Lack of Photographs
June 12th - Crawl Back Into Bed
June 11th - Whichever Way It Goes
June 10th - Barstow. The Desert.
June  9th - Maybe They're Right
June  8th - Life Can Be Complex
June  7th - My Mind Is Mush
June  6th - In My Life
June  5th - No Frames
June  4th - Ships Passing
June  3rd - Unless I Don't
June  1st - How The Morning Comes

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