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  March 1999 Archive

Mar 31st - Before You're Old
Mar 30th - Maybe I'm Kidding Myself
Mar 29th - That Was All Right
Mar 28th - To Shoot A Photograph
Mar 27th - Brush Against That World
Mar 26th - The Way I Am Writing
Mar 25th - You Keep A Journal
Mar 24th - Things Have Changed, Right?
Mar 22nd - And The Group Sex
Mar 21st - I Was Dry
Mar 20th - In A Different Cell
Mar 18th - Plain and Simple
Mar 17th - Meter Work Yet
Mar 16th - I Don't Know
Mar 15th - In The Way As Well
Mar 14th - Read the Books
Mar 13th - Make It Two
Mar 12th - Everything Is Possible
Mar 11th - Weekend or No
Mar 10th - Some Times You're Hot
Mar   9th - Makes Me Feel Good
Mar   8th - Dial In To Connect
Mar   7th - Get Some Air
Mar   6th - No Shame After 10:00
Mar   5th - Mean By Memory Loss
Mar   4th - Plump the Pillows
Mar   3rd - Should Have Shot More
Mar   2nd - And Into What
Mar   1st - The Ones That Do

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