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  May 2003 Archive

May 31st - The Studio Lights
May 30th - Not Yet
May 29th - Bachelor Existence
May 28th - Better With Butter
May 27th - With A Camera
May 25th - Me Oh My
May 23rd - Pretty Emmy
May 21st - Goodbye?
May 20th - Boom
May 19th - Don't You Agree?
May 18th - Photographs In Mind
May 16th - Or a Parachute
May 15th - Off Tomorrow
May 13th - Far Eastern Hills
May 11th - As I Am Now
May 10th - Doing It Right
May   9th - A Little Dizzy
May   7th - More Whiskey?
May   6th - Start Again Tomorrow
May   5th - Before The Camera
May   4th - Must Always Pay
May   3rd - Maybe
May  2nd - Scotch and Waters
May   1st - So, To Bed

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