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  May 1999 Archive

May 31st - And Tomorrow
May 30th - Rash
May 29th - You Can Overdo It
May 28th - Scared Shitless In Oakland
May 27th - Endangered Species List
May 26th - If So, To Whom?
May 25th - The First Place Offered
May 24th - Beemer In Paradise
May 23rd - Miscellaneous Sunday
May 22nd - Naked and Painted Blue
May 21st - No. Not. Nada.
May 20th - Maybe I'll Find Out
May 19th - Making Up Stories
May 18th - In League
May 17th - The Ball Game Has Finished
May 15th - Know Them Going In
May 14th - A Better Reason Altogether
May 13th - They Redid The Ears
May 12th - Ready For A Vacation
May 11th - What This Was About
May 10th - Tonight It's Wearing
May   9th - Other Than My Own?
May   8th - In My Dreams
May   7th - In San Francisco
May   6th - More Than I Think
May   5th - Back Tomorrow
May   4th - Sometimes It Happens
May   3rd - Well, Who Knows?
May   2nd - Never To Be Fulfilled
May   1st - Have Some Results

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