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  November 1998 Archives

Nov 30th - Thoughts on Sex and Hot Dogs
Nov 29th - Raining, December At the Door.
Nov 28th - A Day Without Love is a Day...
Nov 27th - Mama, It Feels Like Sunday to Me.
Nov 26th - Thanksgiving Day, All Day.
Nov 25th - Lunch at Soizic, Dinner with Chelsea.
Nov 24th - Plenty of hours, not enough days.
Nov 21st - A Decent Saturday Breakfast.
Nov 20th - What a Week.
Nov 19th - More Pictures, Less Prose
Nov 17th - On the Train, Thanksgiving
Nov 16th - Monday, a Good Day after....
Nov 13th - Friday the 13th
Nov 12th - Personal Webcams
Nov 11th - On Line with Ian & BaddGrrl
Nov 10th - Duke Nuk'em
Nov   9th - Requiem: A Book of Photographs
Nov   8th - Sara 22
Nov   7th - On the Road Fantasy
Nov   6th - Is it Friday Yet?
Nov   5th - Election Day + One
Nov   4th - Election Day
Nov   3rd - Write On, McDuff
Nov   2nd - Dorky! Dorky! Dorky!
Nov   1st - Pass the Cheese, Please

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