October Archive

Oct    1st - An Instructional Curve
Oct   2nd - Knives And Poisons
Oct    3rd - Starting About Eight
Oct    4th - You'd'd Have To Say
Oct    5th - As Long As We Can
Oct    6th - We'll Go With That
Oct    7th - Night, Was Nice
Oct    8th - Of A Psychiatrist
Oct    9th - Or Reading
Oct  10th - Hup. Hup.
Oct  11th - Last Ten Years
Oct  12th - Thinking That Myself
Oct  13th - Always More Practice
Oct  14th - About Next Week
Oct  15th - State Of My Head
Oct  16th - Beep, Beep
Oct  17th - Verb And Predicate
Oct  18th - I Would Think
Oct  19th - Day In October
Oct  20th - Reality Tomorrow
Oct  21st - Assuming I Survive
Oct 22nd - Unsettling
Oct  23rd - I Can Survive
Oct  24th - I'll Take Pictures
Oct  25th - With The Dead
Oct  26th - Chicken Salads
Oct  27th - Until It Doesn't
Oct  28th - Worries Me As Well
Oct  29th - No I'm Not
Oct  30th - We Are
Oct  31st - Could Be Done

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