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  October 1999 Archive

Oct  31st - Everything Happens Inside
Oct  29th - It Was Kinda Fun
Oct  28th - The Music's Better
Oct  27th - Just Building Traffic
Oct  26th - I'll Hum It Anyway
Oct  25th - Bevels and Blurs
Oct  22nd - Get Something Done
Oct  21st - Is That Good?
Oct  20th - A Reaction?
Oct  19th - They Have My Attention
Oct  18th - Ambivalent
Oct  17th - Opportunties For Mischief
Oct  15th - I Need Some Rest
Oct  14th - The Long Lunches
Oct  13th - Favours and Feathers
Oct  12th - Had I Hadn't Done That
Oct  11th - And Stinky Cheese!
Oct    8th - With A Shadowed Past
Oct    6th - Guinevere
Oct    5th - Think About It
Oct    4th - I'll Go Tomorrow
Oct    3rd - Class Has Started
Oct    2nd - Twitching and Dreaming
Oct    1st - Big Deal

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