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  September 2007 Archive

Sep 30th - Many Pictures
Sep 29th - Finding Out
Sep 28th - I've Got
Sep 26th - On A Parakeet
Sep 25th - Now, Now.
Sep 24th - Life About?
Sep 23rd - Always Serious
Sep 22nd - Somehow
Sep 21st  - Like Adrenalin
Sep 20th  - A Little Snow
Sep 19th  - Given Time
Sep 17th  - Great Fun
Sep 16th  - In Lodi?
Sep 15th  - My Past
Sep 14th  - On The List
Sep 13th  - Up For Anymore
Sep 12th  - Fermented Rice
Sep 11th  - Container Ships
Sep 10th  - In The Kitchen
Sep   9th  - Sunday Evening
Sep   8th  - Local Coffee Shop
Sep   7th  - Humidity Too
Sep   6th  - These Many Years
Sep   5th  - Of My Demise
Sep   4th  - Around Nine
Sep   3rd  - Sat And Listened
Sep   2nd  - Good Mood
Sep    1st  - Cameras Are Ready

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