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Lagun Seca.

Infamous weight loss chart.
Bainbridge Island, near Seattle

August 21st, 2005

Laguna Seca
Sunday. Back from Laguna Seca wiser about the ways of attending a racing event and sleeping in the car. It can be done if you bring a much more comfortable pad to place on the seats (which fold down flat just fine, thank you, but have “bumps”; bumps that have to do with them being ”seats” as opposed to a “bed”.) Still, otherwise, other than some aches and pains and the realization I shouldn't have had that large bottle of beer before retiring (getting up three times in the moonlight to walk briskly to the row of sani-cans and take a pee) it was OK.

I will say I shot a lot of pictures of exotic sports cars (this was the Historic Automobile Race full of every kind of Ferrari, Lotus, Mercedes - two immaculate '55 300SL Gull Wings painted in thoroughly ugly colors - more Ferrari's, Porches, Aston Martins, Lola's, Corvettes) and very few photographs of people, but what the hell, you need a photograph or two of some million dollar cars in your collection, do you not? This was as close to one as I am ever likely to get.

The parking/camping area was next to the track and you walked half a mile up a hill, over a bridge and then down a hill to the pits and grandstand area and to the lines of vendors' tents and fast food places. I spent three hours Friday afternoon walking around, shooting pictures, returning to the camp to sit back and drink a beer (I mentioned the beer), listen to my iPod, stare at the land yachts with their barbecue grills parked all around me before retiring; then another three hours Saturday morning repeating my moves of Friday. They were running practice rounds on Friday and Saturday with the finals on Sunday. I left for home just after noon on Saturday.

Headed home?

I wasn't up for another night in the car. I had a long talk with self on the subject and decided, what the hell: I'd learned what I'd come to learn and promised myself I'd come better prepared for the race in September. I'd shot enough pictures of automobiles to last a lifetime and I had not been willing to expend the effort to shoot more than one or two pictures of people in the crowd and, after humping my gear for three hours that morning, I was pooped. So I split.

Your explanation sounds suspicious.

I wondered too, but it will sort itself out when I've had time to think about it. I came to learn, I learned, on to the next adventure. I did see the sleeping pad I need for the car at Urban Outfitters near the Berkeley campus though recently, so the comfortable sleeping on seats problem will be resolved sometime next weekend and looking at the photographs I've posted behind the icon up on the left has given me some idea of how I'd like to combine cars with people. And it was good to be home yesterday in time to see my Japanese soaps on television.

And you had sushi for dinner this evening.

And I had sushi for dinner this evening.

The photograph was taken at the family get together on Bainbridge Island near Seattle with a Nikon D2x mounted with a 17-55 f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/6th second at f 4.0 at ISO 640.