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August 26, 2010

Me Without One
Thursday. Got up after seven rather than six, turning off the alarm when it went off and going back to sleep. I'd been up until after eleven last night listening to the first Crossroads DVD in good spirits, a little sake fueling the fun. Nothing too extreme, you understand, the normal two equivalent glasses, a bit of a buzz while listening to music in a way I once did daily. Well, not into the night daily and not always, but often one or two (or more) glasses of wine, but daily. In the old days.

Still, yesterday, after a walk back from the downtown in the mid-afternoon, was marred by one of the ocular migraine episodes starting on that walk, a lighter weight one where your head feels like crap and you want to lie down. Which I did. Maybe why I went out later, when I was feeling better, and picked up some sake and peaches. Sake and peaches. Once it would have been sake or wine, cheese and crackers; but cheese and crackers, for whatever reason, didn't appeal. Doesn't appeal. Weird.

Today it's now after three in the afternoon and it's been a similar stretched out ocular migraine episode since returning from breakfast, not terrible, but no way you feel like doing anything ambitious. Crappy morning, although breakfast was good. Not sure why all this is happening, but I'll obviously have to find out.

I'm now up for driving over to hear and photograph the band this evening, but it's taken most of the day to rehabilitate the head. I know, bitch-moan, but it's been a bitch-moan morning and now early afternoon. I won't even touch the other damned thing that's been going on (constipation) because it's just too depressing and crappy. Emphasis on crappy.


So I'm glad it's over for the moment. We'll see how the afternoon progresses, if any of it returns and I'm able to talk myself into leaving the apartment. Tomorrow: a teeth cleaning appointment with the dentist at two and an APL reunion in a downtown restaurant in the early evening after five. I'd call it a party, but it's more a meet at a restaurant bar, have a cocktail (or two), maybe a meal, say hello to a number of people I haven't seen in three years (and the few I have) before heading home. I'll bring a camera. They probably wouldn't recognize me without one.

The photograph was taken of the back of a street sign in downtown Oakland with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor D lens.