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August 20, 2012

List For Tomorrow
Monday. Up with the alarm at just after six, off to breakfast and back on a thoroughly overcast morning, back now to ponder the day. I suppose more clarity would arise if I kept these entries much shorter. Then again, what the hell, life itself is too short. Babble on, McDuff, there's only so many things you can fret about in this life, keep the list short. Is there a memory card in the camera? Are the batteries charged? Things like that, one's image in the wider world is never understandable as it is, worry not.


If I do it's because I have lots of time on my hands. I started that with “too much time” on my hands, but then realized you can never have too much time on your hands. Not in my reality. Too much sleep is another oxymoron. If one starts the day with important things (a sit down breakfast is a good start, reading the morning papers probably doesn't contribute much), one should not let one's standards fall as the noon hour approaches. Hup! We'll babble as we may well please today (and, if we spend time to think of a way around it, we'll keep that thinking it to ourself, thank you very much) and let the day-chips-dice-rain-snow-hail fall where they may. Hey?

Later. Another bus downtown under an overcast sky, the air chill, wearing a long sleeved shirt and a light jacket. A quick walk through the City Center, no one sitting out at any of the tables, so a walk to the Rotunda building for a caramel coffee, sitting inside in my usual place at a table overlooking the building floor twenty feet below. A ride downtown just to have a cup of coffee, a caramel coffee that tends to start well, but finishes tasting a little off? This was a reason to go downtown?

OK, a walk all the way this time back home, the sun out when I finally arrived, best to shed the jacket and maybe the long sleeved shirt if I decide to go out again. I picked up a pair of one liter bottles of Diet Coke that were on sale on the way back, it will take me two weeks to consume them as I do like a small amount of bubbly water every now and again in the summer, even though I'm no longer particularly fond of Diet Coke or any of the others. For the better, from what you read, although it's probably best not to trust what you read anymore.

So, some guitar, some more guitar and then the television news shows unless I can think of something more entertaining. I've been having urges to pick up some of these tasks I've had lying fallow now for so long, but only thoughts, nothing to be concerned about. Not good to surprise yourself at my age, throws the mechanism off.

Time to stop.

It's always time to stop. That is now the problem.

Later still. Some work on converting and moving the old J-Pop pages originally placed in the San Francisco Miscellaneous section on artandlife to their own named section in preparation for this year's J-Pop coming this weekend. Doesn't make any difference to anyone who might view it, but it makes it cleaner and easier for me to manage (marginally cleaner and easier) and for whatever reason that's what I decided to do with my time this early afternoon. No thoughts one way or another, just mentioning. If I could but get my head around using the vacuum cleaner in a similar fashion.... But we I digress.


Evening. Another Don Mateo at six, probably the lowest one on my viewing list. The actor I rather like, I believe I've seen him do well in other movies-series, but this one is able to make me wince within the first minute. So I've skipped any thought of watching the Don Mateo.

Hup! Even I'm with you with that.

A fair amount of time on the guitar as I'm skating between these various programs. I may have to hook up with online Netflix again after this. One of the small 150ml bottles of Jack Daniels was purchased with the Diet Coke earlier and it's now sloshing around in my system, consumed over these last couple of hours. It will be interesting to see if it brings forth any of the ocular symptoms, symptoms I haven't had for a while.

Corned beef hash for breakfast, another no-no, but I've been living on mixed fruit on a dry waffle now for breakfast for some time, so I figure one corned beef hash now and again can be handled. It actually does take some time before I'm able to warm up to the idea of eating it, doesn't really have anything to do with watching the diet. One of the few advantages of having your hiatal hernia stitched up, something they didn't mention in the preliminary discussions.

You're rambling again.

Mr. Daniels. We'll blame him for any rambling. I was asked by the guy behind me in line as I was buying “their smallest bottle” why I didn't buy something larger, he obviously thinking whatever he was thinking, and I answered if I bought a larger bottle I'd be tempted to drink the larger bottle in one sitting. The three shots of bourbon in the 150ml size works out quite well, gets a nice buzz on without getting you in trouble. The nice buzz is nice, but I know I'd think of having more if there were another shot or two still left in the bottle.


Q.E.D. So, the bottle is empty, the sun has set, the guitar is waiting and we'll see how the evening ends and what may be on the list for tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Art & Soul Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.