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August 19, 2013

I Could
Monday. To bed before ten, no messing around by staying up late after yesterday, up before the alarm to set off to breakfast early on a sunny morning. My dentist's appointment at nine, so back to the apartment to post yesterday's entry, brush the teeth and set off again for the dentist's office which turned out to be an easy drive in traffic and so arriving twenty minutes early. Such is the life of one who is not genetically wired to arrive late on a date.

An hour in the chair, the teeth and gums and such said to be in good shape, some conversation about the upper palate. The hygienist said it had been a little red at the last cleaning, anything going on? A discussion of the sinus thing, the upper palate aching, but I'd related this information at many earlier appointments, so the decision was to monitor and check again in January with the next cleaning. Seems right.

Home now thinking of going out, but no idea where. Maybe a nap? We feel pretty good, none of yesterday's extreme tiredness or just ordinary tiredness, for that matter, so we'll assume we're in shape for anything that might develop. But what? A walk over by the lake with a long lens? Always good or, more accurately, better than most of the other usual places. A thought, but no desire, to check Latham Square activity on this a work day, but we probably will. I'd like a picture. Be nice if I could get one without having to go out and take it.

Later. The temperature was really nice out there, a bus to get off at Latham Square and to take a picture, four or five people sitting, talking, staring into their smart phones. Nice, the attitude good, the head clear, the sinuses aching, but discretely and in the background.

A walk then to the City Center for a cup of coffee, sitting out in front of the bagel shop, taking a picture. Wondered if that will be me in ten or fifteen years, not that I've ever thought I'd be around in another ten or fifteen years. No morbid thoughts here, just something that would have been a strange idea way back when.

A walk then home starting along Telegraph. Yes, I walked by the shop where the four people had been shot on Sunday, the story being a man had broken into a parked car and stolen a woman's purse, the woman's companion or companions, seeing it happen, chasing him down to take it back and return it to the woman who was waiting inside a hair salon. The thief had then returned on a bicycle with a gun and fired into the shop hitting four people, three of them shop employees, before escaping (on his bicycle).

Not sure in what way they'd retrieved the purse. Had they been unduly cruel in its extraction? Kicked him, punched him in the whatever? Totally irrational to then go get a gun and shoot four people to then spend the rest of his life in jail in recompense, but at least we're starting to get the story. Twenty years old, they're saying. Not sure if the woman was one of the victims or who it was that retrieved the purse. Witnesses to the theft? Her companions? How many companions? No, I didn't take a picture of the shop. A bit too ghoulish.

Still, a walk back (as mentioned) to the apartment, a picture of one of the still boarded up Tribune windows at Broadway and 20th, a picture of a line of cormorants (and one wannabe cormorant) along the lake and another picture of some NSA surveillance cameras cleverly disguised as pigeons placed up in a tree checking for cormorants on their not allowed to fly list. Another day along the lake, in other words.

An ice cream cone at the 7-11 look-alike and the journey was over. Felt good all the way, even in new shoes.

Part of yesterday's adventure included my feet aching. They've been doing this for some time now when I've awakened in the mornings, but immediately stop once I'm up and walking. Shoes? Deteriorating? Becoming, um, less supportive?

I've had a new pair for a while, purchased when I realized the old pair was starting to look a little ragged, but haven't worn them before today. A bit tight at the toe, but I believe the old pair had been a bit tight in the beginning as well and loosened up and became comfortable with but one or two days walking. Strange all the things you think to blame when the mechanism falters.

No thought of taking a nap so we'll try the guitar. My teacher will be appreciative.

Later still. Well, what's a phrase trite enough to use here? The difference between today and yesterday is the difference between night and day?


Some decent time on the guitar now, having started earlier than I usually begin my practice sessions. The chord changes, the somewhat different finger movements I kept wondering how long it will take to learn, seem to be falling into place. Yes, it's the first time the fingers have been asked to make these particular moves, but the fingers have been around for a while and seem to have picked up the idea without too much trouble and make the necessary adjustments.

So, again, clear headed, good energy, time on the guitar while listening to the news. Pretty exciting stuff for a Monday, here on the shore north of Lake Merritt where the cormorants play and the seagulls poop.


Evening. Well, OK, the Korean Monday-Tuesday soap, watched it plunking along on the guitar. Still feel like a human being. I could get used to that. I could.

The photo up top was taken today at the Oakland Uptown Art Park with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.