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Here In Oakland

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August 29, 2013

Hardly Started
Thursday. Up before the alarm. Seemed overly warm last night, even with the bedroom window open. To bed before nine to read the first couple of chapters of This Town, a book that arrived from Amazon yesterday afternoon, bought after watching an interview with Mark Leibovich, the author, on Charlie Rose, both Rose and the author This Town denizens. So far, so good.

Laundry this morning. Seemed right, so when I got home just before eight I went right to it, maybe ten minutes to put it together and take it downstairs to get it started. I was getting the second two loads underway when I realized I wanted to take a nap. Needs to be a twenty minute nap if I'm to get up and move that second two loads into the drier. I wonder if anyone else is waiting for me to finish so they can start their's?

Later. A nap or two in between picking up the laundry, folding it and putting it away; making the bed, futzing around, getting things in order - hup! - when I heard an amplified voice off somewhere in the distance. Down by the lake? Sounded like, well, a protest march.

So grabbed the long lens camera, thinking I could always look for birds along the lake if nothing turned up, headed out the door and found a line of folks down below heading up Grand participating in the McDonalds-Walmart walkout. Along this stretch of Grand? No McDonalds, no Walmart around here. Where'd they come from?

Anyway, down to the corner to take pictures from across the street (one thing about the long lens, it will get you close from most anywhere).

The SEIU was obviously supporting the group with monitors and supplying a number of white vans to move the people between locations, this your basic mobile demonstration, able to march at distant and useful places to be seen, heard and photographed.

Excitement on a Thursday, you'd have to say. I do like Oakland.

Later still. Warm and humid out there, even in a t-shirt, but a bus ride downtown to take a picture as I was walking through Latham Square, a Chinese (or something like a Chinese) chicken salad in the Rotunda building and then a cup of coffee sitting out at a table in the City Center, a walk then back to catch a bus home.

An Element similar to mine parked in the lot at the bus stop. I can understand the attitude, but putting it on your license plate? What the hell, why not? Gives you a heads up should you ever meet the owner.

Home now for the rest of the day. Some guitar starting early, I'd think, we're making good guitar time this week.

Evening. Nothing on television at six, watched the Korean thing while playing along on the guitar later at six forty-five, went to bed early to read more of This Town. A good read, so far, although I've hardly started.

The photo up top was taken yesterday along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G Nikkor lens.