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August 12, 2014

To The Day

Tuesday. To bed reasonably early, no sessions on the tablet, to sleep eventually, getting up two or three times to take a leak or, more likely, to turn over properly, something the body was once able to take care of in my sleep. Something my body was able to handle without getting up to take a leak. Beep!

And the head is clear. Up before the alarm, off to breakfast and back feeling just fine: clear headed, attitude good, energy. All the stuff I was missing yesterday. Those two drinks I'd had Sunday night coming back to haunt with the tiredness thing the next day? I've asked this question before. Could be. Then again, maybe we're just reaching without a clue.

Overcast, I'm assuming we'll see sun before too long, not sure what the day will hold. My guitar teacher is on vacation in Lima, Peru, so we don't have a lesson this week. I've been practicing, but minimally. Need to up the game, though, now that another Tuesday is here. Oh, dear.

Later. The usual walk down the way to take all of three pictures along the construction site. Lots of people working on what is now a complicated looking jigsaw puzzle of rebar and cement.

Back to take it easy. The head is clear, which is good, but also a bit tired. Odd. Not like yesterday, enough energy that I cleaned up the magazine pile(s), tossing the old ones and opening up more space on the bedroom book shelves for the new arrivals. When's the last time I've done anything like this? Some setup homework on the new camera after finding the manual (hidden in one of the piles). So good, stuff accomplished this morning and celebrated with a nap.

Off to the morning restaurant for lunch at two in the afternoon, a grilled cheese sandwich and lemonade, back to find FedEx had arrived, leaving a tag, but also leaving the package. Someone must have arrived to let them in. Good.

What for the rest of the day? Nothing on television now or later, don't feel like looking through any of the Netflix or Amazon selections, so maybe a touch of guitar and a start on the Murakami book that came with the FedEx delivery.

Evening. A decent end to a decent day. I did watch a couple of chapters of Grimm on the tablet in bed before turning out the light. Dumb in parts, evidently interesting in others or I wouldn't be watching it. I don't think. I have less and less confidence now in my viewing habits.

A haircut tomorrow. Another set of blood tests totally unrelated to the earlier tests (still no word from the doctor) afterward, giving some structure to the day. Hey.

The photo up top was taken Sunday afternoon at the Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural Unveiling with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.