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August 14, 2014

Closing Down

Thursday. To bed, to sleep, up with the alarm. Not so bad, lights out before ten, to sleep whenever, not fighting it when the morning arrived. So good. Off to breakfast and back thinking I still needed to have that blood drawn and pick up a refill at the pharmacy. Hmm. Tasks. Work. Maybe a nap to prepare (we said).

Later. Off to take the bus to Broadway, watching the bus arrive in the distance, missing it by a minute. OK. Missed the bus. A walk then two stops down to catch another bus that arrives ten minutes later, catching it and getting off by the Sears store on Broadway. OK. I needed to go by an ATM and there was an ATM nearby (the Broadway ATM), so a walk to the ATM and then a walk on to catch a Broadway bus to the 30th Street stop nearest the location of the lab.

The blood test was a breeze, a bus then downtown to take care of the prescription refill and then catch a returning bus to the apartment. Didn't want to eat lunch downtown during the noon hour, didn't really want to do much other than go home and maybe lie down for a while. An hour. Half an hour. Not tired, just, well, thinking nap.

Later still. A walk to the usual place for lunch: a grilled cheese sandwich, potato salad and lemonade. One fifty-five on the scale this morning, the weight has essentially stabilized, any thoughts I've had of losing another five pounds are now history. The body is comfortable with one fifty-five and best I throw in the towel. Saves all kinds of grief (he said).

Evening. A decent evening as most evenings are decent evenings anymore: laid back, clear headed, not at all jumpy. Nothing on television, but a look at one or two of the Amazon Prime offerings. Nothing one would want to admit to watching, of course, but palatable. Some guitar, not enough, but some. We'll have a little talk with ourself about that tomorrow.

To bed early, I think. Only so much Netflix or Amazon you can watch without the mind closing down.

The photo up top was taken of the construction site this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.