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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


August 18, 2014

Good Or Ill

Monday. Up (hup!) with the alarm, off to breakfast at the usual time to read the papers over breakfast, still not finding out when or if I'll be photographing that wedding. I suspect not, but we'll follow up again tomorrow. I'm obviously not putting all that much effort into the project. Yes, I would like to do it, but no need to push. Life is, after all, short.

Later. A bit of a lie down for the rest of the morning before heading out to catch a bus downtown. A demonstration was mentioned on the radio to be held in front of the Federal Building in Oakland and so I thought I'd get something to eat in the City Center and then walk over to see what was going on.

Getting off the bus there was a gathering forming in front of the City Hall. Approaching, a sign saying something about a Berry Gordy Day in the East Bay, “A Celebration of Music That Transformed America”. Hmm. Hadn't heard anything about this so we'll take a look later after we've checked out this Living Graveyard Vigil thing over on Clay at the Federal Building.

Coffee and a buttered bagel at a table in the City Center, a walk to the Federal Building to see ten or so people setting up, putting the “graves” in place, a demonstration against the wars we've been supporting/fighting in the Middle East: Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan, Syria and all the other places where we've been dropping bombs. OK. Pictures. Somewhat dark and overcast, but I can do it.

A walk then to the City Hall to see how they were doing now that it was noon and they'd started, the mayor in attendance, Berry Gordy in attendance, lots of people sitting and standing in the audience. And so more pictures, although I didn't really feel like hanging around for very long.

A bus back to the apartment to get off a stop early and take the usual set of pictures at the construction site at Bellevue and then from Grand. A little tired by then after a good long morning and now into the afternoon, so “point! click!” and then home.

Some time on the pictures before crapping out for a nap. So far, no guitar. We have our lesson tomorrow and we're not ready, not that we every are.

Evening. Tuned the guitar and practiced. Not enough. Never enough, but we did get our rear in gear. Otherwise, nothing on television other than a Death In Paradise I'd seen before, so to bed to finish a movie on the tablet before conking out. Comfortable enough, this routine, for good or ill.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Run The Town half marathon Saturday morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.