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Here In Oakland

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August 31, 2014

Care Of That

Sunday. And so, having watched more of the Justified series on the tablet before turning out the lights, not what you should do if you're looking for a good long night's sleep, I slept straight through until morning without awakening once. Tired, when I awoke. No alarm set on a Sunday, but still, awakening at six.

I'd slept on “the other” side of the bed having gotten rid of the magazines and books I'd had stacked along the edge, put them on the side table shelves, but it seems to have worked. One night does not indicate there will be a second one coming, but it might with the new mattress arriving next week. Maybe. One can hope.

Now, how to get downtown to photograph the new Pride Parade. It runs along the Broadway downtown bus route and so taking the bus will probably not be an option. Skip the parade and shoot the street festival as I've done in the past? Might, but that would (of course) be chicken shit. It would. Feel pretty good at the moment, though, can't blame a cancellation on whatever. We'll know by the next paragraph.

Later. I did set out to go downtown and photograph the parade, but arrived at the bus stop to discover the service had been rerouted from six until noon and that I wouldn't be able to arrive in time for the parade unless I drove and who knows what the parking might be like? So we turned around and went back to the apartment to think about art and life while lying down for the while.

Obviously, from the photograph up top, I did photograph the street festival, heading out around one (the bus now running). Getting ready to leave I realized I was both light headed and hungry. A lighter than usual breakfast this morning and so I prepared three last minute heat it in a cup sort of things and then left for the bus early so I could walk to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar (just in case it would be needed). I'd had one low sugar episode up on Bainbridge Island, I didn't need another.

Worked fine. Hotter than anyone liked at the festival itself, but plenty of people about, staying and shooting for something like an hour and a half, getting enough pictures to put together a single section. More than enough for a section, but best we weed out the more marginal shots, no need to stretch it.

A long afternoon, but overall a good long afternoon, albeit quite warm. Wondered about that, bought a Sprite (liquid and sugar) just in case, although I wasn't quite able to finish it.

A walk along Broadway from the entrance to the festival on 20th to the bus stop on Grand to hop the bus home. Thought of getting off early for something along the way for dinner, but couldn't think of anything I was willing to eat and put the thing off until later. I eventually made do with spaghetti with red clam sauce. Palatable, although I'm sure I eat too much of it.

Evening. Some television while playing along on the guitar. Not very much television and not enough time on the guitar, but it's been a long day and I'd like to get to bed early. Oh, and I processed the pictures when I got home, all that's left is to put the web pages together and I'll take care of that tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken today at the Oakland Pride Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.