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December 3, 2010

Eventually Learn

Friday. Yesterday, I'm afraid, was a journal wander in the woods. Too much of that. I did have the sushi last night, had a flask of sake, got back after six to play guitar and futz with the scanner feeling just fine. I have a number of old negatives I shot when I lived in San Francisco and worked at the Rip Off Press and one of the artists from that period asked if I could post any I had on Facebook. OK.

Does the scanner software I have work with Windows 7? No. Does Nikon have a later version? No, they don't support it anymore. Does Silverfast, the software I've used in the past, have software that supports this thing on Windows 7? Yes. Yes they do. For a price.

But what the hell. Up at the usual hour, to breakfast and back at the usual time, a nap when I got back. It's easily as overcast as it was yesterday, so I've been working with the scanner again (they had a demo copy on Silverfast that seems to work), took a walk down to the ATM and been reading my various news blogs on the web. Routine. We have our routines. A meet later at Roy's with the usual crew including Mr. Guinness. We have to be moderately careful around Mr. Guinness.

What ho! It's the holidays!

That's not your function here, Self. As the journal Jester your job is to tell truth to power, and believe me, as your inventor, I have the power. Less so, from reading this, over Mr. Guinness.

Later. Off to Roy's arriving at five, back to the apartment before nine. Worked with the black and white negatives again, scanning two or three pictures, none of them exposed very well when they were taken. A long time ago, but I knew better and should have done better. Then again, if you stumble along long enough in this life, you eventually learn.

The photograph was taken in my dermatologist's office with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor D AF lens.