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December 10, 2010

Let It Come

Friday. Rain this morning, up late at eight, out and back from breakfast noting that gas prices had jumped another four cents. Another fifty million or so added to oil company income. I wonder how much of that is due to increased barrel prices and how much to, um, financing a Christmas bonus? But I always wonder and do no more than note the fact. And mutter to myself as I step to the pump.

If I'm going to get my photography in gear, get my surroundings in order, I wonder if they might eventually lead to more focus on my writing here in the journal? (Not that I write anywhere else.) I rattle along with but minor editing, don't go back and fix arguments or delete digressions so digressive they lead the reader (and the writer) out to the swamp. We'll see. I doubt it. I've been feeling pretty good lately, keep my focus on that. Practice my guitar, practice my photography, let the poor writing fend, as it's always had to fend, for itself. My book writing days are longer than gone.

One note in passing. In going through some of the photographs taken ten years ago yesterday, I realized how many of them weren't worth the shooting. Less often the case these days, I'm much better at knowing and isolating the images I'm after. Practice, practice. Get those neurons rearranged and hard wired into place. It works. If you've got something you'd like to do, just do it, give it its head. Put up with the initial crap, they'll be plenty to go around, but the better stuff will be all the better for that when it comes. IMHO. (hup! hup!)

Later. Dark and cloudy but no rain, so off on a bus downtown just after noon to walk around for a while to, well, walk around for a while. Over through the Chinese Cultural Center, buying more of those rather expensive wax paper wrapped chewable Japanese candies, three flavors to compare and determine which I liked best. I've had them only once before and was surprised at how good they were. A silly purchase perhaps, a lot for not very many, but it's the holidays, we're allowed. Best not to visit any automobile show rooms, though. Camera stores or kitty cat shelters.

They say you're allergic to kitty cats.

That's one thing we're going to determine when we return from Portland. Believe me.

A couple of pictures of a favorite building located in Old Oakland on the corner of Clay and 9th, both of them rather nice I thought. Another photograph of the old Le Cheval space now that it's empty. A favored Vietnamese restaurant located just down the street from our old office. I've been there many times, used to park next to it on 10th, don't care so much that it's gone I have to admit, but it's definitely gone.

Back now at the apartment, still grey and cloudy, but without the rain. They say sun tomorrow. I'm ready, let it come.

The photograph was taken yesterday at the Oakland Holiday Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.