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December 14, 2010

OK He Said

Tuesday. Rain, what else? Still, from reports coming out of the Mid and Northwest - rain, cold, snow, sleet - we're doing OK around here and we'll not complain. A spot of sun or two couldn't hurt, but again, bite my tongue. We're complaining about the seasonings used on the meat in a ten course meal at a time when most of the world is going hungry.

How excruciatingly P.C.. My, my.

I'd agree if the sun were out and I was crowing. But it isn't. People who don't live here don't expect anything else. Remember the Beach Boys? It's California (and it seems to be raining). Anyway, some light rain as I awoke at six, to breakfast and back by eight, home now writing undying (P.C.) prose, self absorbed naval gazing absolutely allowed here on the web. What did we do before the web? I can dimly recall slowly banging away on a typewriter now decades ago. Tip, tip! Tap, tap! All those inefficient hours to get something off a platen without too many whited out errors on deceased trees. Back when we had more trees.

Where's this going?

Probably back to where it started so we can start again.

Later. Hungry for whatever reason. A bus downtown learning for the first time, if the bus you're waiting on has a broken GPS system, the little smartphone nextbus application says it's not coming when it is. I was rather hoping it was telling me that bus wasn't running in its time slot (confirmed once or twice now by past experience), but it doesn't. Still, more knowledge is better more often that not, we'll use the smartphone and we'll use the schedule both henceforth (hup!).

I hit the ATM under an overcast sky that was looking more and more ominous, so I looked around the City Center to see what restaurants might entice me in. Nada. How hungry do you have to be in my condition to just say the hell with it and eat something? We'll find out later today, I suspect. Yes, I had a decent breakfast, a plain waffle with a sliced banana and strawberries on top, along with a bagel and cream cheese, more than enough for a breakfast, you'd think, but I'm hungry (and losing weight).

Well, I'm down at the lower end of what seems to be a weight that's staying within a five pound spread. One week you're near the top, one week you're near the bottom and we're closer to the bottom at the moment. Still, hungry and won't eat. I'd do the sushi place down the hill, have a bowl of nice hot Sukiyaki, but they'll pour me out a flask sake the minute I enter the door, and sake is not on the menu this week. For similar reasons, by the way, even the smell gives me pause at the moment. Maybe it always has.

Have you considered saying something like “I'm not having sake this afternoon”? You know, the way real people would?


Later. A slow afternoon. A nap, a fairly long session on the computer making prints. I haven't make prints in a while. A run to the local store for ice cream. Ice cream and two cups of frozen vegetables for lunch. The ice cream is probably not the best sort of a choice, but it was easy enough to get down. I'll have to pick up some cereal tomorrow morning after breakfast. My breakfasts are now essentially dinners, my lunch/dinners are now breakfasts. Cut down on the eggs a bit and we'll be OK. He said.

The photograph was taken yesterday at the Oakland Holiday Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.