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December 25, 2010

Passed Quickly

Saturday. As you can see we're out of photographs. Good. Get our collective butt in gear. Sean Connery as Santa Claus. Seems right, though, this sunny morning in Portland.


Go figure. Up at ten after getting to bed at eleven or so, a little later than usual, but I still seem to be getting ten and more hours of sleep every night. Recovering from culture shock? Geographic shock? We'll muddle through all this later in Oakland when we see what happens to our sleeping habits when we return.

A very nice dinner last night, just the four of us, upstairs then for exciting television until (as said) after eleven. They're in the same situation here that I am in Oakland, the choices (to say the least) are limited. Only the one PBS station, where I have five, so there's not much help there, not that there's any end all or be all to PBS programming. Lots of CSI this and CSI that. Better than the one where they're always chasing after a serial killer. I'm not sure I'd want to know anyone who watched these serial killer things religiously. Depressing and a little creepy. Maybe why I got that Roku box earlier so I can watch more uplifting Korean and Japanese serial killer horror epics. (Yes, I'm kidding.)

This is depressing. How'd we get here?

Well, my sister and I were talking about it last night (avoiding that one serial killer channel) and it somehow just came out this morning. To Starbucks for coffee and the local Oregonian earlier, the Times not on sale for some reason. Sold out? Doesn't go out on Christmas? The Oregonian isn't the Times, nor is it even the Chronicle for that matter. I'm not sure how people get their news around here.

My sister says the publishers are the local next generation or so right wingers you find owning papers across the country, their paper's more interesting founders long gone and their button down kids now in control, but whatever their political persuasion, I read their paper in about two minutes, newspaper food without sustenance.

Later. Exchanged presents. My sister liked the Nikon lens coffee cup I found for her. Looks exactly like a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens, complete with all the markings and the lens cap, but it's a stainless steel lined coffee cup. I knew I wanted it when I saw it, something a photographer would immediately take to. Nice to find something that works so well.

The L's are coming over later for a glass of wine after seeing their traditional movie on Christmas Day, the new Tron in this case. I saw the first one when it was released in the theaters and I believe it will be running down the street from me when I return in Oakland. Might get me out the door to see it, we'll listen to their reactions later. 3-D, of course. Liked the few 3-D movies I've seen so far.

Back on the train tomorrow. I was thinking Monday, for some reason, but on the train tomorrow, back on Tuesday. It goes quickly, it does, here in Oregon. And Oakland. And everywhere else I would imagine at any age, but particularly at our age I guess.

Speak for yourself, Dumbo.

We are babbling, I guess. Nothing wrong with that. Feels nice, the words come off the platen effortlessly, the mind floating.

A whole bunch later. Mr. & Ms. L came over along with their two sons and we had a nice get together that started with Hors D'Oeuvres and ended with dinner, a few bottles of wine to lubricate the evening. Nothing out of line for the drinking on my part, but a good evening for all, a good way to finish a Christmas Day. Time has passed quickly.

The photograph was taken from the web.