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December 31, 2010

Ready For 2011

Friday. That's a photograph I took at the 50th wedding anniversary party of a friend (they reenacted their entire Catholic church wedding ceremony with well over three hundred people in attendance) that I've used now off and on for my New Year's Eve photograph.

More tricky getting to sleep last night, wide awake until after eleven. Up at eight-thirty, off to breakfast and the papers and back after ten, the sun intermittently showing its face, the prognosis not so good now for the weekend. Decent day today, from what they're saying, we'll take it a day at a time, and today, New Years Eve, is always a bit special. I have no plans to go out and celebrate, haven't done any New Year's Eve celebrating in years, although a trip to say San Francisco with a camera always comes to mind. Something I'd do if I were younger. Much younger. Maybe.

I do like to make minor preparations for a holiday like today that I'll be spending home alone. Something special in the way of comfort food, maybe, something to drink, although that too seems to be going by the wayside, something nostalgic in a DVD movie to watch later. Most of what they have on television doesn't interest me, maybe go through the SiriusXM offerings to see what they might have, but otherwise my memories of New Year's Eve are more the hazy sounds of distant midnight fireworks as I'm dropping into to sleep than anything else. Makes for a clearer head in the mornings, though. It does.

Later. A walk down to the bus stop thinking of places I might like to go on the bus or on foot, didn't really matter. Overcast now, but not looking like rain. Turned around and came back to the apartment, nothing appealing enough to get me off my duff. Something later, maybe a sushi dinner with a little sake. Couldn't hurt. Well, couldn't hurt without my own aiding and abetting which I (quite naturally) wouldn't do. Would you?

I did manage to implement one little New Year's resolution this afternoon. For some reason the thought came over me I could use a wireless guitar amp to get rid of the cable so I could sit comfortably anywhere in the living room without worrying about a connection. Given my situation here it's a totally trivial need and use of resources. So I didn't click the little “buy me” button at Amazon.

My guess is, if I then go back and order the damned thing, I'm damned to idiocy for the coming year. We'll keep it to cameras. The really expensive lenses are too heavy for me to think of carrying (nor do they give me an advantage in my particular form of photography) and I pretty much own all the others. With an exception or two.

Tighten down the hatches, tighten up the life, fly like a real person instead of the cartoon consumer character we've somehow become. Sounds like a good note to begin a cleaning foray on here later. Write it down once I'm done as a 2011 resolution, logged and successfully followed.

Later still. I've been futzing around with old photographs sitting on one of my hard drives. Nothing special, nothing that I haven't long ago backed up and filed, but I printed a number and learned one or two things about Photoshop settings in the process. I'll tape them up around here somewhere. I must have space still available on one or another of these walls. Right? Well, maybe not. Odd thing to be confused about.

I'm thinking of sushi around five, have a flask or two of their hot sake, celebrate the advent of a New Year and wind up around seven. Two hours of whoop! and then back to watch a movie and maybe play a little guitar. Along with the pictures earlier I looked through some of the song books I started with before I signed on with an instructor. He doesn't stress reading music and I've gotten rusty. We'll do a little doodling here on the side and oil up the rusty notes. A plan, I'm thinking.

Not all that much later. Had sushi, had a flask of sake, got home an hour and a half after. The apartment is warm, it's six-thirty, the evening ahead. Feel pretty good and as ready as I'll ever be for 2011.

The photograph was taken at a wedding party with a Nikon F5 mounted with either an 80 - 200mm f 2.8 or a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 VR lens on T-Max 400 (is my guess). And she was drinking sparkling apple juice, no alcohol involved.