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December 3, 2013

Who's Inside
Tuesday. To bed early enough, up with the alarm without particular effort, off to breakfast on a chilly morning to have the waffle with fruit for breakfast. No need to experiment with something that might slow us down later. He said. Hopefully.

They're saying it will get cold this evening and for the rest of the week, late December evidently having arrived early. So be it. Not a lot to do or say about it otherwise, although I'm sure if I could think of something I'd say it.

Are we running out of steam already?

We are feeling chipper, empty headed, but chipper. Chipper is good, empty headed is fine as long as the sinuses aren't acting nasty. The day begins with promise. Hup!

Later. A relatively painless walk to the living trust document shop to drop off the last of the paperwork. They will contact me when it's ready to be signed and filed and I can then put this long lingering task behind me for the while. Just like that. Nothing to it other than the doing of it. Gives you perspective, this dawdling, your seeming inability to get it done.

The guitar lesson coming up. In the meantime lunch. Hungry. Yes. A burger, this time, the body is obviously trying to tell me something if it's signalling a burger and so a walk to the morning restaurant.

It is cold out there, the weather people saying it may freeze in parts of the east bay. I believe it. Certainly the birds looked cold.

Had the burger with coffee, no cheese on the burger, we'll see if it does something to foul up the guitar lesson. I've often felt I needed to watch it before the lesson, but this thought hasn't held against hunger and the rationalization for the moment. We'll know if we've been an idiot soon.

Later still. A good lesson. Good enough, no apparent after effects of eating that burger, the seasonings used perhaps not containing MSG or whatever it is that seems to be the problem or, and this is just as likely, eating a burger has nothing to do with causing these dry mouth ocular symptoms and I've been grasping at straws.

The sun came out in the early afternoon and the day has been good. They're saying cold through the week though, and I believe them. We've gone back to two of the earlier guitar assignments for this week's lesson to see if I can now play them at full speed. I suspect I can.

Evening. Again, the head clear, the sinuses OK, no dryness in the mouth. The difference between this and the recent past is surprising, surprising in that it's surprising. I know, dancing on the head of a pin, silly thoughts for silly times, but still. Let's hope one day soon this becomes the norm. Or have I said this before?

Nothing on television, perhaps for the best, we'll see if we can do some reading or, if necessary, fall back on a Netflix movie. Be nice if we could just go to sleep, but that doesn't seem to work. The clock is not set by me, but by someone else who's inside.

The photo up top was taken while waiting on the guitar lesson to start today with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.