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Here In Oakland

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December 10, 2013

Sounds Right
Tuesday. And so to bed after watching Scott & Bailey at nine, but managing to skip the DCI Banks that followed, one program about two screwed up detectives followed by another about just one. Normally this would have been fine had I then not watched more of the Korean soap set during the ancient Joseon Period. A dysfunctional albeit entertaining evening.

Anyway, back on track. Up with the alarm after what must have been a minimal night's rest - I'm not sure watching this stuff doesn't unsettle the brain, doesn't make for a crappy night's sleep - to head off to breakfast on another cold but clear morning. Read the papers, returned and posted yesterday's entry before heading immediately to bed for a nap. Up now feeling halfway coherent at eleven.

We shall get in some guitar and we shall come clean with our guitar teacher that this has not been our best guitar week. Guitar guilt. But first, say, an hour's playing to prepare? I wonder.

Later. An email to my guitar teacher backing out of today's lesson. We'll catch up next week. Feel fine, just, you know, evidently not up for much of anything. A walk to where? A bus to where? Lunch? Not at all hungry after a big breakfast.

A walk over to the lake that lasted for perhaps fifteen minutes, returning to the apartment to find the mail had arrived that included various magazines of interest. Something in them to tweak the photo fires? Well, something to leaf through with some modicum of interest? We are running on empty. Feeling fine, but inert. Rested and calm (and inert). There are undoubtedly descriptions of this in the medical texts, Inert 101.

Listening to the news running in the background at the moment. Maybe some guitar. Now there's no lesson imminent I suspect it will happen. Sounds good, the guitar. At least when I strike the chords cleanly, one after the other. Just not a good week for practice.

Later still. Some guitar. Really. We did.

Cleaning up one or two things on artandlife I discovered the Cherry Blossom Parade link was broken. 404 there is no more. How did that happen? How long has it been broken? I suspect there was a screwup when I added the section on the Cherry Blossom Street Festival earlier this year and managed somehow to confuse names and delete the entire section.

Life is getting to be like that.

I guess, but it's one of the earlier sections that shows in some ways how the eye has evolved and how the photographs have changed over time. Which is neither here nor there, but dumb to have happened if not worrying. “Missing” something so seemingly obvious.

Evening. Nothing on television whatsoever from what I can tell. More guitar and we're done for the night. Sounds right.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Children's Holiday Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.