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December 14, 2013

Covers Pulled Up
Saturday. Up without the alarm at six-thirty feeling a little tired, not unusual for an early morning. Off to breakfast and back, stopping at the gas station across from the morning restaurant to fill the tank. So far so good, nothing I can blame on those three drinks I had last night. I don't think.

And maybe you'd be yodeling in French, swinging from low hanging tree limbs and solving quadratic equations in your head just for fun if you hadn't imbibed last night.

It's a problematic world. Let's just say it's started reasonably well this morning, but after a nap. We're still a bit tired if only from the effort of wondering how quadratic equations came into this conversation.

Later. A short but good nap, up to think about photographing SantaCon this noon hour in San Francisco, checking the web to see they were gathering in Union Square instead of their usual haunt in front of City Hall and deciding there was no way I was going to head over to Union Square on a Saturday with the walk through the crowds that would entail.

So a walk instead along the lake and then on through the farmers market, taking one or two pictures. Snapshots. Whatever. On then to the bagel shop for another yogurt cup and coffee out at a table beside the sidewalk before crossing the street to hit the ATM. Lots of people out and about in what turns out to be sixty degree weather. No need for the sweater, jacket, gloves I was wearing. No indeed.

Back then along the lake, another snapshot, a walk then home to sit by the computer with the sliding door open to the balcony and the fan on low blowing air across my brow. Lap. In my direction.

From freezing (almost freezing) to the mid-sixties. Berkeley is showing almost seventy. California December weather. We only talk about it when it's gone.

Later still. A walk to the burger drive-in for a steak sandwich to take home for lunch, passing by a photographer and his model setting up by the shore. Couldn't help taking a couple of pictures.

Home to attempt a nap but not tired enough to get to sleep or stay in bed. We'll pick up this new guitar to see if we can remember how it sounds. It seems to have a different, somewhat edgier tone, but it's not different enough I'm able to say or (and this is more likely) my ear isn't good enough to tell without more time and repetition.

Evening. That steak sandwich followed later by an ice cream cone and a box of Good & Plenty wasn't my best move for a late afternoon dinner, particularly after having the one (small) pork chop breakfast. I suspect the yogurt mix and coffee for lunch had no effect.

Anyway, a low level could have felt better dance along the edge of an ocular thing to end the evening, going to bed early and watching another chapter of a Netflix English detective series I've found interesting on the tablet.

This evening hasn't ended in the fast lane, but in bed with the covers pulled up.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2011 SantaCon with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR Nikkor lens.