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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


December 3, 2017


Sunday. Yes, watched Stranger, the Korean series on the tablet last night, but burned out at a decent hour after nine to then awaken at ten to six. No complaints. Some very light rain in evidence, sprinkles would be the better description, but the sky was clear on the drive to breakfast. I do need to charge the car battery if only to eliminate the question of whether or not it will start when I turn the key. It did without too much questionable hesitation, good albeit unnerving.

Had the oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast because that's what appealed, spent two hours reading the papers, confirming my suspicion that Toto and I aren't living in Kansas anymore, paid the bill and headed to the car to drive home on this third day in December. A Sunday. What to do today, this sunny Sunday in Oakland, feeling pretty good, upbeat and clear headed thus far?

Later. Well, no surprises. I did take a (very short) walk to the area up my street where they're going to build apartment houses to see if whatever they were up to might be visible. They'd set up a porta potty on the sidewalk by the no parking signs, so something's going on, but nothing to see that was visible. So much for this day's outing.

Watched some of the 49'ers game, watched them win by one point in the last two minutes. Interesting. Otherwise turned on the tablet again and continued with Stranger, the Korean series that's piqued my interest, taking a break to check out Elementary when it came on at five.

Exciting stuff for this old duff in December.

For a Sunday. At least football is traditional.

Evening. Watched both episodes of Elementary, both of which I've seen before, probably more than once for reasons I'm not sure of (and maybe don't want to know), before heading to bed again to continue with Stranger. If Korean society is as corrupt as they tend to portray it in their movies and television series it makes you wonder how they manage to function.

Isn't that their reputation? The Blue House holding hands with family oligarchs and dynasties?

Yeah. I saw some of it at my own minor level when I spent that year over there in the army.

The photo up top was taken of the Capoeira dancers at Lake Merritt yesterday morning with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.