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February 12, 2010

I've Found
Friday. A light rain this morning, they're saying rain this morning and then cloudy with some sun for the next four or five days. Which is fine. Spring is coming, time passes quickly, too quickly most of the time, but we'll make an exception for spring. Breakfast earlier than usual at the morning café, up before six after getting together with Mr. E and Mr. S last night for Guinness at Roy's. Four Guinness, I seem to recall, but four over two hours feeling pretty good when I got home just after seven, feeling pretty good when I went to bed (early) and got a good night's sleep.

I'm still pretty much in the same place I was yesterday, the mood good, but the outlook unclear on where to go from here. Not a bad place to be. I could be depressed about the whole thing, easy thing to get depressed about, but we'll see. I mentioned spring is on the way, some back portion of the brain is convinced of this, and the various chemicals and hormones that run the show seem to be similarly in line with “the line”.

And what's “the line” for the day, hey? Well, spring is coming and the world is getting ready to bloom, so charge your camera batteries and keep the car in tune, life is about to start in another, well, in just another. Hmm. Life is about to start? Not good. When life is about to start it means, for the moment at least, you're dead. Best to rethink that. Figure out if that's a “truth” that just happened to slip out. Best to be careful. Don't want to rock the boat. Not with the truth, anyway. Not now that we're an adult.

We have, as we have in the past, rapidly reached the bullshit stage here, my friend. No way to corral that? Maybe take up a bit of editing, steer this thing in a better direction? Make ourselves look a bit less foolish?

We are artists (pronounced ar-tee-sts) here, my man, and much denied to others for us is allowed.

Later. A light rain leading to a lighter rain leading to a lighter rain so I finally set out bundled up with a camera in tow and hopped a bus for the downtown feeling, well, hungry. My, my. Unusual feeling these last several months. Probably (again) not enough for breakfast. So lunch at the Fountain Café in the City Center, a piece of baked chicken, some mac and cheese (comfort food) and a salad consisting of the various vegetables you read you should be eating and I did. Eat them. Well, most of them. A walk then back to the apartment taking my time, a picture as I left the restaurant and then another picture and then not a lot more, but it was still sprinkling and not many things grabbed my attention.

I have been noting a bus sign on the bus kiosks recently, so I took a picture to remember the Internet address. They're saying they're tracking their buses real time through GPS and, if you have a smart phone (or a computer for that matter) you can tell real time when a bus will arrive rather than depending on a printed schedule. Although I wanted to walk back to the apartment this afternoon and set out to do so, I noticed the then due bus was running what eventually turned out to be twenty minutes late. Had I decided to wait for the bus I'd have been waiting a long time.

Is there a smart phone in my future for this feature? I wonder. There are many clever little features for smart phones these days, a bar code reader that tells you what's in a particular packaged food, a map and directions to the nearest purveyor of Guinness, those that pour Imperial pints and those that don't. Necessary stuff I'm thinking but hard to justify for what I believe is an extra thirty bucks a month. Me and my torrid ten monthly phone calls.

Best not go there.

I've said things like this to myself about a particular piece of camera gear. Well, I used to say such things, not so much anymore. Reality sets in. Can't fight reality for very long I've found.

The photograph is a studio portrait of Naomi taken some four years ago with a Nikon D2X mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF lens at f 6.3 at 1/160th second, ISO 100 under strobe light.