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February 24, 2010

Wednesday. I know, I know, repeat, repeat, repeat: it's raining, I've just returned from breakfast where the local business group was meeting, talking, extolling, while I was reading the papers and for all of that I'm feeling just fine. Just fine. A run by the supermarket for cat food, milk, cereal and (cheap) Merlot, a four pack: two evenings of relaxation and light weight introspection. How good is that?

The living room looks like a living room at the moment. When's the last time I could say that? The average unsuspecting person might not think so, but it does to me. I'll run a picture later today farther on down when I've had time to make more progress, but this is fulfilling, gives us a lighter step (hep! hep!).

That's enough.

If I ever come back and look at this entry to see how it's going, well, I'll need a bit of over the top copy to convey how the year is getting its start. A parade coming up this Saturday night, the Lunar New Year Parade kicking off in San Francisco. It will undoubtedly be raining and I'll crap out, but these are not thoughts for today, this (light) rainy day in February with spring coming in another month.

Later. A run through the bedroom “getting rid of” shirts and pants that no longer fit. I use quotes as “getting rid of” doesn't really mean throwing them in the trash, but taking them down off hangers and stacking them up high and out of the way in a closet. Old jackets got the same treatment. Sweaters. Progress. Simple? Too simple to be meaningful? I suspect most people understand, who've ever gotten themselves into a funk resulting in, well, minimal maintenance, that this is turning a corner and something to (hup! hup!) about.

Careful now.

More framed pictures that have been sitting propped up against a wall have been hung in the bedroom. The bedroom because it's the only place I still have space. What would I do with an apartment that had high walls, lots of area to hang photographs? Not something to think about unless one day the opportunity comes up. Rent, condo fees, taxes come to mind. We have indeed been spending lately, but only up to a point. We are aware we might live much longer than we've been expecting and the rent doesn't stop just because you've made an error in judgement. Still, a high and wide wall full of photographs. I think I will eventually use all this framing gear. Eventually. One day. Soon.

Really overcast, rain looking clouds, but it hasn't been raining for the last couple of hours. I would like to get out.

Later still. The sun did come out and I did get out for over an hour, ambling about the neighborhood. Ambling as opposed to walking, of course, not a lot of exercise involved, but still, a few miles. And some pictures. The head was in a good place. The sinus-head thing was acting up, but everything else was feeling right, none of it in any way disabling. The head in a bubble is the way I describe it except, as I said, the interest was coupled with camera in hand and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Icky, don't you think? All this (hup! hup! hup!)?

The fellow I assume owns or manages the Grand Lake theater has been working on the underside of his marquee now for many months. I assume he's the owner because the project seems endless and only an owner would take on such a task doing a little bit every day for, well, months. The theater as a hobby, as a preservation art, rather than a business. No reason I'm right, but a picture as I walked by, why not?

I like this one with the far side of the lake in the distance too, what can I say, I'm going easy on myself? I'm liking what I've been shooting lately, although the danger then becomes liking it too well and your ego starts kidding itself. The old “once you have it you have to let it go”. Zen stuff. Always liked Zen stuff, knowing little about it. A few words. A few ideas. That EST course in the early seventies. They seemed to make sense.

Back now, the news playing in the background. I was listening to some of the old tracks on Sirius radio this morning, starting with the hour Bob Dylan's been jockeying now for years, letting it play through til noon. Haven't done that in a while. I might even put one of those quaint old l.p.'s I have sitting about on the turntable, just to see if they still play. Really, it's been a good day.

Oh, and the living room at the end of the day. Hey.

The photograph was taken through a store window on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at f 2.8 at 1/100th second, ISO 100.