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February 27, 2010

Subjects Outside
Saturday. The sun is out after a night's rain, maybe there's a chance the Lunar New Year Parade this evening in San Francisco will be dry, but I'm not counting on it. Still, the sun is bright this early morning before eight, the light is nice making me think I'd like to be outside looking for interesting pictures. You get more sensitive to light when you take photographs. Back from breakfast and the grocery store, cat food mostly, the lungs no better, no worse, after a week's treatment with the pills, whatever they were, we'll address that with the doctor Monday.

A brief or more accurately a light weight episode last night of what I call that hallucinatory experience around seven, clear headed and in good shape by eight. Odd stuff. Another thing to bring up Monday. If it isn't raining I'll head out for San Francisco and the parade around three, will deal with “hallucinations” if and when I get there. I have some experience with real hallucinations in San Francisco from the seventies, no reason to worry about these, although they're really not comparable. As long as I can sit I'm solid. Actually, leaning against a lamp post is pretty solid, no reason to worry.

I took a picture or two last night of the living room. No way to tell what I'm talking about (cleaner? brighter? less cluttered?) from the pictures, which is probably not a good thing to say when you're pretending to be a photographer. Hi, ho. I go on and on, but the living arrangements do feel better, this place I've lived in now for many years, and I guess I'm going through a “why not just stay here” mantra in the cycle. I do recognize a certain neurotic aspect of all of this carping. Still, progress. A run to a dump, if I could find a dump around here that takes them, with the electronic junk on the floor and I'd no longer recognize my surroundings.

A veritable “hallucinatory” experience.

Let's not go there.

Later. We think about earthquakes here often as not. Anything approaching a 7.0 is cause for big time worry. This thing in Chile, an 8.8, is almost unimaginable. The difference between 7.0 and 8.8 on a logarithmic scale doesn't compute. It's the difference in a race between a Pinto without an motor and a Ferrari. (I'm not sure that works, Pinto - Ferrari.) So I'm looking at my Facebook account and I note one of my cousin's daughters who lives in Hawaii has made preparations to be on high ground when the tsunami strikes. Chile? Hawaii? My, my. Pinto and Ferrari.

Later again. Although I was debating it, I set out for a walk around nine, got on the bus and headed downtown. Felt good getting out the door, cleared the head a bit (I said), got off the bus and had a cup of coffee at Peet's on the patio in front of the old office building, thinking. Walking is good for thinking, sitting at a table with a cup of coffee is good for thinking as long as you have a broad definition of thinking. A walk then meandering along the way back to the apartment taking pictures (and thinking). A good long walk reminiscent of the walk I took Thursday that ended in an interesting evening. Do walks have anything to do with interesting evenings?

Anyway, walking, thinking, taking pictures I came to the conclusion this head of mine is reasonably fucked up with the sinuses and the upper palate and the various wobbly side effects and such, so again, we'll visit the heavy duty down at Stanford hospital neurologist (finally) and see if there's something to be done.

I was right about stopping to sit, however. Late in the walk I sat on a bench and then another bench for a short break and the head seemed to come somewhat together. Home now, that last piece of framing equipment having been delivered in my absence, a nice aspect of living in a small apartment house with a lives upstairs manager, they're often here to sign for things while I'm out hallucinating.

What is it? A paper trimmer. A new model that was on sale. Order it by such and such a date, pay up front, but get one hell of a bargain. I have no excuses to make for the professional cameras, I obviously make use of them, but I'm not sure it applies to frame making equipment such as paper trimmers and joiners and such. This one will accurately trim very large prints, but it's big. The reason I got that table for the living room, space to work with this equipment, someplace to put it. Important that it's available and at hand or else it ends up in the closet.

You say all your wall space is now taken up by prints you framed using kits. Now that you have this framing equipment, how are you planning on using it again? Can you nail these new frames to the ceiling?

We'll work that out. I have no doubt. Sometimes you just “do” and sort it out later.

Later, later. The weather looks feasible for the parade later in San Francisco and, since I got my walk in early, I think I'll have have had enough time to recuperate and set out again in a few hours in good spirits. If it rains I'll flake and stay here, but I can't really dodge a parade when I'm in my pretend to be a real photographer mode and there are subjects outside.

The photograph was taken of a plant in front of the Lakeview School on Grand in Oakland with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at f 2.8 at 1/640th second, ISO 100.