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February 5, 2013

Think About It
Tuesday. To bed at seven-thirty last night, earlier to bed than I can ever remember from the past, but to sleep quickly enough, none of the chills experienced the night before. So good, we have apparently dodged a bullet in this world of bombs and bullets.

Up not long after the alarm, to breakfast and back on what looks to be a sunny day. My waitresses seemed concerned that I hadn't shown up for breakfast or lunch yesterday, had I been ill? Well, yes, but things seem to have come back together. Obviously my “third place” in my case is a not far away neighborhood café.

Later. A brief walk over and along the lake, returning in no more than about fifteen minutes. Not overly tired, but obviously moving more slowly, this bout with the cold perhaps not yet quite over. No symptoms other than stamina, I'd guess, so we'll take it easy, go out for lunch later after taking a nap. Now is about right.

Later still. A walk down to the usual place for lunch, a walk back to the apartment. Good, we're at least getting outside. Feel fine, just not, you know, overly bubbly; more wrestling over putting off starting on my guitar than anything else, but we'll get it together yet. (hup!)

Evening. I didn't eat much yesterday, so maybe that's why I've been hungry today and so walked down to the local Domino's and brought home one of their “personal size” pizzas. I thought, when I bought it, the cut out showing its size didn't look very large, but by the time I got down to the fourth and last piece I'd eaten enough pizza to last for a month. I've not been good with pizza since that stomach operation to fix the hiatal hernia and it takes a certain phase of the moon, tulips blooming in mid-winter and a higher level of hunger to get me to eat it.

Bitch, moan, bitch moan.

One more to add to the list: by dumping the alcohol and watching the MSG I haven't had any ocular migraine incidents that I can identify. The cold yesterday wasn't nice (could have been much worse, we're not complaining!), but it wasn't an ocular migraine either, so maybe (knock on wood) we've discovered how they can be eliminated or, at least, to make them rare.

You're bitching about that? Potentially losing the ocular migraines?!

No, no. A gift from the gods, really, if they're gone. It's just, well, alcohol has been a friend for a long time, not to the point it's gotten in the way (more than once or twice or thrice or so), you understand, but a friend none the less and so we'll add it to the to be avoided list and let it go (and not look back).

It's Tuesday, so a Maigret at six, one I've seen before, knew it from the first five seconds after it started, had no idea who'd done it until the end. And I hadn't seen it all that long ago unless my sense of time has gotten completely out of whack. Within the year, probably within the last six months, could be the last three months. As said, mark it down as an advantage, I enjoyed it well enough seeing it twice, we'll forget any of the other connotations a more balanced man might draw from it about age and memory.

I'm having a hell of a time starting on this new guitar lesson. Something's wrong. Need to try something different. Maybe go to bed early, count sheep, think about it tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Lunar New Year Bazaar leaving the Asian Cultural Center this late morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.