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February 9, 2013

Ongoing Little Chapter
Saturday. Last night was better. Whatever fever there was had broken, so no need to sleep bundled inside the down jacket (that thing has proven useful - why did I let it sit forgotten at the back of the closet for so long?). The sleep itself was spotty, lots of waking up, looking at the clock, going back to sleep, but although the sinuses and upper palate were aching up a storm, overall I knew we were on the way out. If that makes any sense.

Up without the alarm and off to breakfast. The weather looks good, the weather people saying sun into next week. I had the waffle with fruit (the idea of eating anything else turned my stomach), back then to post two days of entries, yesterday's, easier and probably better reading than any of recent vintage. To bed to lie down and think about whatever might come up as we dozed off.

Later. Worn out and tired, but not able to sleep, not sure I want to attempt a walk. So, lie down again for a while, get up for a while, lie down for a while. Like that. Not feeling many of the cold symptoms, though, not even much of the aching sinus-upper palate mess, which is good. So we're dogging it. Still, maybe I could just sneak out the door for a little bit, test the wind?

You didn't mention the thought you'd just had about the blood pressure meds.

Ah. Right. Go to the bedroom, check the blood pressure: eighty over fifty-two. Way too low to feel like a human being, all of it now snaps into focus. It will clear itself up by the end of the day, I'm familiar with the problem, but add another dumb move brought on through the magic of chemistry by a brain dulled by the flu. Doodle-dee-do.

Later still. The blood pressure's still too low, but I did want to test it with a short walk to the lake. I did, did I not? So I did. A walk to the lake still not sure I was making a good move (as in falling over on my head). Should I sit down here on this bench for a while after going such a short distance? Well, yes. I think I should. And so I did.

It's a complicated world where you can easily trip over any little thing if you've become distracted and tied up wrestling with other little things. I've taken the correct dosage of the blood pressure meds over these last four days, but I managed to skip taking one and the beginning of the four days for a complicated set of reasons and so this morning I took the last of the four, thinking I was done with the catching up, smoothing the four doses out, but obviously catching up more quickly than a young man of sound mind and habit should.

I haven't been able to listen to the news without turning it off, more for hearing stories repeated too many times or thinking they're treating their audience like air heads, and this is leaving me to sit here and write with nothing to write about, take a nap or go practice the guitar, which is staring at me from its stand.


With this cold winding down it now occurs to me I might like to eat something, a novel thought, so we'll cook spaghetti tonight and eat. That's good, the spaghetti itself will probably be marginal.

Evening. Got down about half the spaghetti, which is fine given the way things have been going. I was five pounds under weight this morning, a rapid weight loss over a short period is another factor that will quickly lower your blood pressure. That and taking bloody too damned many meds.

Things seem to be coming together as we get into the evening, much better than they were this morning, the blood pressure now one-oh-three over sixty-five, the head clearer, none of the chills, aching sinus and whatever else. I may just watch this episode of Commissario Brunetti that came on at six. We'll certainly not stay up to watch the Saturday night House episodes. No need to stay up late and fiddle in the face of Fate, until this ongoing little chapter is completed.

The photo up top was taken today along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f 1.4 G Nikkor lens.