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February 21, 2013

Tired At Night
Thursday. Hmm. Today was the day I had my annual checkup at the cardiologist's in Palo Alto, a set of blood tests and then a sonogram stress test where they put you all wired up on a treadmill and run you until you fall down. I've had these every year now for well over a decade. What caused the “hmm” (as in an elongated hum) was their reading of my blood pressure as the test started. One hundred over sixty. That's so low it will (in my case, anyway) cause me to feel tired. You know, like I've been feeling these last several weeks now?

Anyway, a talk with the doctor after the test (the results of which were quite good overall) coming up with a plan to reduce the dose of the blood pressure meds I've been taking. Over these last four or five years of weight loss I've cut the dose by three-quarters, they don't even market a small enough dose so I have to cut them in half, but it's been in balance now for some time. Until now.


And I suspect that will cure the “tired” feeling that's been torpedoing my days this last month(s). Stupid not to have caught it right off, but once you've been through one of these, discovering your blood pressure is too low and correcting the meds to make adjustments, you don't tend to think/remember that last time around when you're feeling tired again. Is it the same tired? Is it? Well, you get the drift.

It does sound stupid on your part.

Not for the first time in this life.

Anyway, up with the alarm this morning, off and back from breakfast, a hour's drive down to Palo Alto to have the test and back stopping for lunch at the usual place at two in the afternoon, all the while feeling, well, tired. Took a couple of readings when I got home: one hundred over sixty and then, this evening, one-ten over sixty. One-ten over sixty is better, but nowhere high enough. So we'll make changes starting tomorrow. Dumb. Real dumb, but maybe we've caught it, we'll know for sure in the morning. Later in the morning. Well, maybe in the afternoon.

Otherwise a slow fuzzy headed day. Editing yesterday's entry was not fun, didn't work worth a damn and frustrating. So it was posted late. Really late. In frustration.

This evening, well, we'll get to bed early, try some of these new modified meds, but not at the usual time in the morning, we'll start taking the lighter doses later now in the evenings. If I'm going to be tired, might as well be tired at night.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens.